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Earl Grey Infused Pineapple Tarts Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Cooking with Bosch Earl Grey Infused Pineapple Tarts Part 1: Pineapple Jam Deskin and remove the eyes from 4 Pineapples Remove the core Grate the pineapples and keep the pulp Add the Pineapple Pulp to a Medium-Sized Pot with thick bottom Add 190g of Caster Sugar 2 Cinnamon Sticks 1 Star Anise Cook the pulp till it thickens to a jam-like texture Add in the remaining Sugar 1 Teaspoon of Pineapple Essence Portion the Pineapple Jam into balls of 10g each Part 2: Pastry Dough Chop 5g of Earl Grey Tea Leaves Sift 700g of Plain Flour 100g of Milk Powder 5g of Chopped Earl Grey Tea Leaves Add 500g of Unsalted Butter into a Kitchen Machine Pour in 100g of Caster Sugar Cream till the mixture becomes slightly fluffy Add in 1 Egg White and mix further Add in 3 Egg Yolks while mixing Add and mix the Sifted Flour, Earl Grey and Milk Powder Mixture Knead the mixture to form a ball of dough Pre-heat the Oven to 180 degree celsius using "Top and Bottom Heat" mode Portion the Pastry Dough into balls of 10g each Flatten the Pastry Dough Wrap the Pineapple Jam in the Pastry Dough Roll the dough into a ball Lay them onto a lined baking tray Create indentations on the dough by gently pressing them with a fork Beat 2 Egg Tolks with 10ml of Water Apply Egg Wash on the dough Sprinkle Earl Grey Powder for added texture Bake for about 25 Miutes at 180 degree celsius Brush Gold Powder on the baked tarts Cool the tarts completely before storing them

Source: Youtube

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