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Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce – Carolina Vinegar Barbecue Sauce Recipe



what is up everybody this is lyle with no hippie barbecue and a few days ago I did a video on Eastern Carolina barbecue ribs and in that video I did a Carolina bbq mop sauce that was a recipe that I got off of amazing ribs calm I'm going to tell you is when I first saw this recipe online I didn't think it was going to be as good as it was so I was actually surprised by how good it tasted on those ribs now I made it according to the specific ingredients that I saw an amazingribscom the first time I did that recipe few things I'd like to change up so what I'm gonna do now is make a few changes in the description below I am going to leave the original recipe and just tell you a couple of things that I'm changing to do this East Carolina barbecue sauce so let's take a look at these east carolina bbq sauce ingredients and get whipping it up like I mentioned earlier I am gonna have the recipe in the description below but let's go ahead and get making this so our first ingredient is going to be one and a half cups of distilled vinegar now the website suggested that you use this they tried it making this recipe with apple cider vinegar and they didn't like it as much so we have one and a half cups of vinegar we're gonna be adding 1 teaspoon of hot sauce the first time I did this I used some Texas Pete I'm not a fan of those Texas Pete or Louisiana hot sauces so I'm using something this a little actually well let's just say it's actually I this hot sauce that I'm using is called multiple personalities it's a habanero hot sauce so we're going to add roughly a teaspoon of that maybe a little bit more can never go around with a little heat we're gonna be adding two tablespoons of sugar now this could be white sugar or brown sugar I'm always gonna prefer the brown sugar and that so let's go ahead and add that we have one tablespoon of salt this happens to be kosher salt and two teaspoons of crushed red pepper now I'm gonna add a little bit more than two teaspoons this here is probably about five or six teaspoons but I'm just going to go ahead and add about half of that and then we have our black pepper and this is two teaspoons of black pepper and really all that you're going to do is mix this up and they're suggesting that you let this sit refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours up to a week I'm gonna go ahead and let this sit probably for about four days I'm gonna be doing some pork but we're gonna go ahead and add it to that anyway one thing I did learn from making this last time is that this sauce is doesn't really look like it's amounting to much right now but once this has a chance to kind of combine in the refrigerator it like turns into a really nice-looking sauce so I'm gonna go ahead and pour this into a mason jar we're just gonna go ahead and let it sit in the refrigerator for four or five days before we break it out so this has been in my refrigerator for about a week a couple of days longer than what I had anticipated and it's developed a nice real red color I mean when you swirl it around it definitely looks like it has a little bit more depth than what either reason you started out at so let's go ahead and jar this up I'm going to just pour the majority of this in a smaller mason jar and we'll go ahead and taste this up this eastern carolina bbqsauce made up there's a couple of different things you can do you can go ahead and cook this on some ribs mop them down every now and then or you can actually add two about this amount maybe a half to three quarters of a stick of butter if you want something along those lines I'll probably just keep it thinned out like this I'm probably gonna go ahead and rock this on maybe some chicken or something like that I'm really not sure yet but I want to taste this and see if it's any different than when I just had it I think the last time I made this only had it sitting overnight so it really didn't have a chance to come together like this let me tell you this is a lot hotter than the previous version of me so I'm glad I actually added that additional red peppers if you don't like hot food don't do that and it just seems like a little bit more Kimberly till balanced it might be a little bit sweeter than the last one I have anyway I did this on some ribs like I said that video is gonna be a knife art bug just so you can take a look at those but I'm becoming a fan of something simple like this and I can't wait to use this in my next recipe no matter what it is anyway I want to thank you guys come up my no hippie BBQ I appreciate it Eastern carolina vinegar bbq sauce recipe

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