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Easy 10 Minute Vegan NOODLE Recipes #VEGAN


[UltraVid id=493 ][Music] what’s up everybody welcome back to cheap lazy vegan we’ve got another super easy ten minute recipes video we are doing noodles today yay I’ve been really into noodles lately and now that I was ever not into noodles but like recently it has just been a thing you know what I’m saying like I said I’m in the mood for nudes okay anyways we are doing two recipes today one is a warm noodle one is a cold noodle I don’t know why I decided to say noodle not noodles but yeah English is my second language what can I say alright let’s just get started first recipe is going to be a noodle stir-fry with a peanutty dressing yes it’s delicious so you can use whatever noodles you want but I am using the spinach noodles these are just some wheat noodles I got them a long time ago for a video and I had them sitting in my pantry for like 10 years so we’re going to use it so we’re just gonna cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package and while the noodles are cooking you can chop your vegetables now you can use whatever vegetables you have I’m going to be using bell peppers baby bok choy and onion I feel that those are really good stir-fry vegetables but like I said you can use whatever you have in your fridge at that moment stir fries are a great way to use up your vegetables in your fridge for my protein I’m actually going to just pan fry some tofu and I always mentioned this but I do have a video where I talk about tofu how to cook tofu and all of that so if you guys haven’t seen that then check that out the link will be below pan frying tofu is probably the most common way that I cooked tofu just because I love the way tastes I love how its crispy on the outside and it’s just simple and I decided to cut the tofu into even smaller pieces now this method is not recommended I just decided after I put the tofu on the pan which is why I’m using a metal utensil to cut the tofu in the pan again very much and not recommended to do this but you know I’m only human what can I say so I’m just Pam find the tofu until it is nice and browned on the outside so while you are waiting for your tofu to become golden brown you can actually start making the sauce this is of course the star of the show as long as you have a good sauce I feel like you can eat really healthy just make sure you have a very nice delicious sauce so we are adding some peanut butter and some tamari into a bowl tamari is just a substitute for soy sauce so you can of course use soy sauce if you want I’m also adding some sweetener this is agave nectar feel free to use maple syrup or maybe even brown sugar we’re also adding here some lemon juice some ginger powder and just a little pinch of crushed chili flakes now we can start mixing it up if you have fresh ginger then you can grate that and not that instead I feel like that would taste better but I only had ginger powder and plus I’m kinda lazy okay so we just add a little bit of water to thin out this mixture just a little reminder that I will have a blog post linked below with the written recipe and all the measurements and now I’m using that same wok that I used to cook the noodles I just drained the noodles and the noodles are just sitting in my strainer and now I’m just going to stir-fry the vegetables so I’m adding here some onion and some minced garlic we’re gonna cook that out for a little bit and then you’re just gonna add the rest of the vegetables and then just stir fry them until they’ve pretty much cooked because everything else is already cooked the noodles are cooked the tofu has been so yeah and then you can just throw everything in yay noodles yay for noodles I’m just adding a little bit of sauce at a time because I’m not really sure how much sauce I want and I don’t know how salty it will be and stuff and of course you can always add more in but you can’t take any out so add a little at a time see how you feel I don’t really like to have too much sauce in my food I like to actually taste the food itself as well as the sauce so that’s just me this part is optional but highly recommended we’re adding of course some sriracha yay that’s gonna give a little kick another optional component would be to add some toasted sesame seeds on top and that’s the dish [Music] I’m just plating it and then garnishing it with even more toasted sesame seeds and there you have a very simple peanut ginger stir-fry I guess you could call it next recipe is going to be another cold noodle salad oh my god seriously I’ve been making so many cold noodle salads nowadays I don’t know what is going on but they are so good and you can make them in so many ways which is why I’m going to show you there’s another one hopefully you don’t mind this time we’re using whole-grain spaghetti just because that’s what I had on hand feel free to use whatever noodles you have soba noodles would go so well with this so that is what I would recommend but like I said you can use whatever you have now here are the sauce ingredients they’re very similar to what we just did before but with a few little changes that change everything the first ingredient we’re using is tahini I have been obsessed with tahini recently they are such a great base for a nice creamy dressing we’re adding also some ginger powder once again you can use actual ginger if you’re not lazy like me we’re also adding some tamari once again we’re gonna add lemon juice once again and also some agave nectar or any other sweetener of your choice we’re also gonna add in some garlic powder and mix that up nicely once again this is going to be a pretty thick concoction so you might want to add some water I would add a little bit at a time to see how you like the consistency and you can of course thin it out more if you need now because I wanted this to be kind of a nice and thin salad dressing I made it pretty watery and remember if you store it in the fridge it will become thicker over time so that’s something to keep in mind you can of course add more water as passes so once that dressing is made and your noodles are code you can drain those noodles and rinse them under cold or water so I’m just gonna add everything into a mixing bowl so I mix everything really nicely so I’m just adding a bunch of veggies I’ve got some spring mix in there I have some pre-cut veggies from before so I’m gonna add in those noodles as well and once again we’re going to add in a little bit of sauce at a time and see how we feel and I’m using the Korean method of mixing noodles together which is one chopstick in each hand for my protein I am going to just add in some chickpeas now what someone asked me if I cook my beans from scratch and my answer is I try to and I used to do it a lot more recently I’ve been super busy and I just haven’t had time to focus on making beans from dry beans so I do like to have canned beans which is totally fine so I would recommend for those of you busy people keep some canned beans in your pantry at all times so on days like this when you make a dish like this you can quickly throw in some beans for some additional nutrients and also to keep you satiated and we are going to once again sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top seriously can I be more predictable anyways we’re going to do that and that is pretty much the dish very very simple yet extremely delicious tahini ginger noodle salad I guess you could call this [Music] honestly guys there was a time when I thought that I didn’t like tahini that much but I realized that’s only because I was probably just having tahini on its own and not mixed with other ingredients because when you make tahini dressing using a bunch of other ingredients it tastes so good I have been so obsessed so definitely try out this recipe and of course if you have any dressing leftover you can actually keep it in a tightly sealed container I’m just using a leftover or salsa jar and you can keep it in the fridge and anytime you need to use it just take it out it should last you at least a few weeks and like I said you can always thin it out with some water because it will probably thicken up in the fridge and that brings us to the end of the video but not the end of the recipes because if you guys are interested in more noodle recipes I actually have a brand new playlist that includes my noodle recipes so I will link that playlist down below if you are a fan of nudes you know what I’m saying if you like noodles the noodle recipes will be linked down below they are all vegan all delicious and all very very easy to make so check out the playlist and of course if you enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video bye bye [Music]

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