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Welcome to how to make a pumpkin pie! Hold on I've got something for you Whipped cream always goes well with Pie! So we made pumpkin pie – but not pumpkin cuz

Maybe you've heard we've grown a lot of squash this year Yeah we don't actually grow pumpkins we grow other types of winter squash so those are Kabocha – sorry our pronunciation is off it's a Japanese pumpkin but actually this is made from sweet meat squash Yeah that'll be good! Sweet meat is my favourite! Okay so I'm gonna try mine without the whipped cream

I know I'm totally gonna commit to that I'm down with the whipped cream right from the very start But this is the first time we've done this recipe with this particular squash MMMM! This is really creamy It is really creamy! Very tasty

It's got a nice balance, so pumpkin spice is very popular in the fall It's very personal thing as well though – it's like stuffing it's what you grew up with is what you're used to and what you like cuz it brings you great joy So I went back and looked at pumpkin pie recipes through history Pumpkin is a new world, it's a new world squash

Yes It ended up in England in the 1500s, and when they made pumpkin pie in the 1500s they put apples in it and rosemary and thyme So it was a savoury pie? it was a savoury pie It was nothing like nothing like what we think of today Tiny little bit of milk or cream and almost no sugar

This as we as we kind of know it today didn't arrive until like the 1760s Okay

Was it a new world creation or an old world creation? New world creation and the pumpkin pie spice at that time was nutmeg mace and ginger Which makes sense, that's almost the same Almost the same – we've been built on it over time but here's how I made this one I started out by rolling out the pie crust and this is a Pure Lard pie crust but I think I would prefer it with a butter pie crust Of course elsewhere on our channel are lots of recipes for pie crusts and demos on how to roll it out and put it into the pie shell

we've got recipes for the lard and the butter crust? Both of those crusts are elsewhere on the channel and I will link to them below I pinched it as artfully as I could and stuck it in the freezer while I prepared the filling For the pie filling: Pumpkin pr squash Then I added our version of pumpkin pie spice which is ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg Then I added a pinch of salt and brown sugar and stirred that all together

In a separate container, I whipped up the eggs, milk, and cream Then I added that to the squash mixture, and stirred it up completely poured it into the pie shell and put the pumpkin pie in the oven And now we have And now we have this pumpkin pie! There's no cracks in the top, so after the cooking I just cracked the oven door about an inch Turn off the oven and just leave it Forget about the pumpkin pie for an hour and a half or so and it'll and it'll cool really slowly and I won't crack But if you're in a hurry and you got to go, because you're expected at someone else's house in two hours just take it and go What's a crack? The pie still tastes great! This really is the king of pies! Pumpkin Pie Yeah it's the best one for breakfast

It is the best – it's my favourite breakfast pie! Okay, and if you don't eat pie for breakfast well shame on you! You really should give it a try Thanks for joining us for how to make a classic traditional Pumpkin Pie, using pumpkin Spice

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