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Easy Banjara Gosht Recipe-Tasty Meat (Gosht) Recipes In Urdu Hindi 2019



banjara gosh is going to be made today fresh flavour of spices and corriendar seeds Assalalm-o-Aliakum, welcome to my channel and those who are new they will click the subscribe button and the bell icon

fry onions till transparent and then add ginger garlic paste now add dry spices add tomato, red chilli powder and fry until the oil seperates i have already put meat for boiling with salt and 6 garlic cloves when oil seperates add the boiled meat fry for few minutes add more corriandar

add all spice powder serve with ginger slices and green chillies to watch more recipes like this hit the subscribe button and the bell icon like this video and share it with your family and friends see you tomorrow with another recipe, Allah Hafiz

Source: Youtube

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