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Easy Bean Salad Pantry Clean Out Recipe



easy bean salad pantry clean out recipe canned foods long lasting food budget easy emergency meal food storage recipe cheap fast frugal filling canned bean salad recipe how to no cook hi it's AlaskaGranny summertime is a great time to have cookouts camp outs barbecues it's a time for salads fresh vegetables out of the garden it's also a time to make easy salads right out of your pantry here's an easy pantry clean-out recipe for an easy bean salad budget bean food storage recipe long lasting emergency food meals you need a can of green beans a can of mixed green medley or a three bean combination open and drain your two cans of beans and put them in a bowl now make a simple dressing of two tablespoons of olive oil two tablespoons of red wine vinegar one tablespoon of Dijon mustard and one teaspoon of sugar mix your dressing thoroughly pour it over your beans and stir now chill it until you're ready to serve eat this is a great bean salad from canned food pantry food travels well goes to picnics barbecues potlucks cook outs and camp outs try this easy bean salad right out of your pantry learn more at alaskagrannycom please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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