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Easy Bhutta Recipe / how to boil bhutta properly / Indian Street Food / Masala Sweet Corn Recipe



For subscribing my channel Press the bell icon Its Absolutely free Hello viewers welcome to hemanshis world Toay i m going to share acorn receipe with you Many people face problems in boiling corn Take 1 kg of corn It contain 4 to 5 pieces of corn Before buying corn make sure Your corn is fresh by pressing the seed of corn if its get liquid inside that means your corn is fresh Take corns peel and wash it Cut into half pieces Take an aluminium cooker Aluminium cooker is best for boiling corns Corns are not going to burn in aluminium cooker nor it turns black Add corns in the cooker Now add 3 full glasses of water Half cover the corns with water Now i m going to add roots of corn into the cooker Now wash the covers of corn and collect into bunches And add it to the cooker Its a unique trick To enhance the flavours of corn This trick also helps to make our corns soft Now add salt to taste Adding salt while boiling helps to make our corns salty from inside also Now add 1/4teaspoon of baking soda Close the lid of the cooker Cook at high flame for 4 to 5 whistles Then at low flame for 10 minutes Now i m going to tell you a special butter greasing for corns You can also use this with bread toasting or you can also eat with parathas Ingredients for butter Oregano ,chilli flakes coriAnder leaves ,garlic clove(grinded or small pieces) Pinch of salt, lemon Soft butter Now add all the ingredients into the butter Chilli flakes is optional if you do not want spicy butter you can avoid flakes MIX gently Ths butter makes our corn more tasty You can store this butter for 15 days You can pour this butter on bread also Add lemon to enhance the taste of butter add 1 pinch of salt Butter must be soft so that all the ingredients Mix into the butter otherwise lumps will take place Now our butter is ready Now check that our corns are boiled properly Take a knife and check that the corns are properly boiled Our corns are soft and ready to be greased Now grease our corns with masala butter Our corns are so soft That childrens and old age people can also eat corns easily You can also grease our corns with salt , mint powder , chilli and lemon this is my butter which i just show you Grease the corns with the help of a brush Its looking delicious and yummy now we will coat our corn whith these masala with the help of lemon I hope you all like this receipe Please like this video Share with your friends and family On whatsapp, twitter and youtube Please subscribe our channel HEMANSHI'S WORLD THANKYOU BYE

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