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Easy Chicken Enchiladas With Green Sauce | Potluck Recipe | Cooking Up Love



Hi everyone! Welcome to Cooking Up Love, where we believe sharing homemade food spreads joy and touches lives We'll teach you how to make delicious food you'll be proud to share with friends and family

On today's show we're making a family favorite super tasty is super easy chicken enchiladas with green sauce tortillas stuffed with chicken and sour cream cheese and salsa verde then topped with more salsa verde and cheese and baked until the cheese is nice and melty begin by preheating the oven to 350 degrees I've picked up a rotisserie chicken from the market and I'm going to debone and shred the chicken this chicken is very tender so I'm making sure there's no little bones that might sneak their way into our filling enchiladas are one of my favorite things to eat it's our recipe for those days when you need to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes and with only four ingredients plus any toppings you'd like to add I'll use either corn or flour tortillas depending on what we have on hand I always warm them up a bit to make sure they're easy to roll and to prevent them from cracking while warming the dirty is it's time to start making the filling spread about two and a half cups of cheese I'm using a combination of pepper jack and cheddar our homemade creamy salsa verde sauce is amazing in this recipe I'll leave that recipe for you up above and in the description it's so good we've just run out so to get this on the table fast I'm using a prepared salsa verde sauce but heritage brand is my favorite in a large bowl combine 1 cup of sour cream with one cup of salsa verde and about a cup and a half of shredded cheese I like to mix my cheese into the filling especially when I'm trying to get this dish in and out of the oven as quickly as possible add the sauce to the chicken so you have a moist but not too soupy mixture today's recipe is listed in the description and just a quick thank you for the comments and the likes when you watch and comment on our videos it helps other people find them and we really appreciate your help ok time to assemble the enchiladas spread a generous portion of chicken filling mixture in the middle of the tortilla then roll it up we have new videos every week subscribe during the bail so you know and we've posted a new one place the chicken enchilada seam side down in your oven safe dish bill about 8 to 10 Street taco size tortillas continue making the enchiladas until you've used up most of your filling this easy chicken enchilada recipe is so flexible you can customize it to fit the specific tastes of your family and friends I'll also usually make another smaller dish with just chicken and cheese for the younger kids and top it with cheese you can also add diced green chilies black or pinto beans and switch up the cheese to pepper jack Monterey Jack cheddar or any combination if you love to entertain check out our playlist for potluck favorites and appetizer rescues pour the extra sauce on top of the enchiladas you can also spread salsa verde on top if you don't have a lot of sauce left over sprinkle with cheese and pop into the 350 degree oven everything is already cooked so the enchiladas bake for only about 20 minutes to warm the dish and melt the cheese I've added a few slices for jalapenos on top of mine would take of time the oven just topped with guacamole is like sava kado sour cream cream milk ojeda cheese or set them all on the table and let everyone customize their own because these chicken enchiladas are so quick and easy and because people go crazy for them it's a fantastic choice for potlucks and of course Cinco de Mayo parties and the kids enjoy making funny faces too remember to subscribe before you leave so you'll know we've posted a new recipe thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video

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