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EASY CORNFLAKES SNACK / HEALTHY – NO COOKING INDIAN CHAAT / Perfect Lockdown recipe / summer snack



Namasté Good morning all ! Welcome to Priya's Potpourri

I hope you are well Today we will see how to make an easy snack using corn flakes This healthy recipe will save you time and is easy to make especially when you are tired of cooking it is: The Indian Chaat with corn The ingredients are: Corn flakes, minced onions, chopped tomatoes & cucumbers, grated carrots, roasted / salted peanuts, salt, pepper, chili powder or chopped green chili, chaat masala (you can also substitute chaat masala with cumin powder or mango powder and black salt), lemon juice and coriander leaves (fresh / dry) Optional: You can also add cooked potatoes or chickpeas (white / brown) to fill you up

But, we can avoid them if you want to keep the dish a little light Now add the ingredients listed in a large bowl I add onions, tomatoes cucumbers, potatoes, grated carrots, chickpeas, Add the corn flakes to the last one with peanuts and fresh or dry coriander leaves a little lemon juice and chaat masala Normally you will find this masala chaat in Indian grocery stores or you can even order it online Add a little chili powder, salt and pepper Now mix them all well and here is our Indian Chaat with corn flakes is ready to taste

You can also improvise this recipe with other ingredients like mango pieces, pomegranate seeds, corn kernels or raw vegetables as beet or cabbage according to your choice and taste We can also add to this dish the famous green chutney with mint / coriander (salted) or the tamarind imli (sweet) chutney from Indian cuisine Tip: We can prepare the ingredients well in advance, but we must absolutely mix them just before serving to keep the chaat fresh and crunchy I hope you enjoyed this recipe I wish you a good try & good tasting

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New Cookery Recipes
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