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Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe/Badam Rava Burfi Recipe/Badam Burfi Recipe in Tamil/Almond Burfi Recipe



Today lets see how to prepare Badam Burfi ,an easy and instant sweet recipe Measure rava and milk using the same cup Use full fat milk I am using boiled milk ,I have cooled it to room temperature Add few saffron strands to 3 tbsp of milk and add it Once the rava gets cooked well add any sweetener of your choice Now the mixture is leaving the sides of the pan ,also the rava and almonds have been cooked well You can even add sugar , I am using condensed milk as it gives a rich taste to your sweet Grease a container / plate with ghee Add the mixture to it and level it Garnish with chopped Almonds at last Gently press it with the back of the spoon so that the almonds stick to the burfi Allow it to cool down completely before shaping them Grease a knife with ghee and cut them into square pieces Tasty and easy Almond Burfi is ready !!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!

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