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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you're new don't forget to subscribe and in today's video we're making some more easy delicious healthy recipes so let's go ahead and get started the first thing we're making is this lasagna skillet so I'm starting off by chopping a yellow onion and this is kind of my strategy to get an even dice you want to slice the onion half way through and then chop it through the side and I love onion because it helps to regulate your blood sugar it enhances your immune system and feel like it's an underrated vegetable then I'm using some zucchini to make ribbons you can also spiralize it and we're gonna throw this into the skillet to kind of make like a deconstructed lasagna zucchini is great it's high in vitamin C it's high in lutein both are really great for your eyes and then I'm going to heat a pan to medium heat with some avocado oil avocado oil has a higher smoke point so it's not going to denature when we heat this up I'm gonna add in some garlic a great antimicrobial antifungal so good for your immune system in your whole body so you're gonna stir that around until the onions get fragrant and translucent should take about 5-10 minutes and then throw in a pinch of Himalayan salt as well and a little bit of pepper to taste then I'm going to be adding in our ground beef when you're making ground beef you want to make sure you get grass-fed grass-finished if you're vegan you can definitely use your favorite substitute here and just kind of mash it up with your spoon until it's broken into little chunks I'm adding in my favorite tomato sauce you guys know I love Rao's I've been using it for years it's so good and then I'm adding in a huge handful of spinach as well as you guys can see this is loaded with vegetables we already got two different kinds of green vegetables as well spinach is great cuz it's vitamin K you actually get one hundred and eighty eight percent of your required daily value so it's crazy and the spinach really wilts down once the spinach wilted go ahead and add your zoodles I like the ribbons because there's a bit thicker but you can also like I said do the spiral eyes or you can do butternut squash noodles any kind of vegetables Udo toss that together until it's warm and it's such an easy great thing to make this made two large meals or you can make three meals and then have a side as well the next thing we're making is the super-easy pumpkin pasta I'm using the other half of the onion so if you want to make both of these just by one onion heating that again in a and with some garlic in the avocado oil and we're gonna cook those down until they're translucent and fragrant then I'm going to be adding in some sage now sage really complements pumpkin very well and it also helps to boost brain function and balance blood sugar and sage is good with any kind of squash through your all yourfault cooking you really want to combine sage with any kind of squash I'm gonna put that into a blender now I like roasting the onions like this first cuz the flavor they get once they're cooked it's a lot nicer than if you were to just blend raw onions so I really encourage you to definitely cook the onions first I'm adding in some chicken broth and you can definitely do a vegetable broth if you're vegetarian or vegan just look for low sodium and then I'm adding in a cup full of canned pumpkin canned pumpkin is really good because it's already done for you you don't have to go through the trouble and as long as you get it without sugar you're good to go this is optional but I am adding some cashew cheese into my sauce I do this about 50% of the time sometimes it's really nice to have a nice pumpkin vegetable sauce but the creaminess of the cheese will kind of melt down and you'll get more of a creamy sauce so that's optional if you don't have cashew cheese you can use a coconut milk or coconut yogurt then for my pasta I'm using new pasta you guys know how much I love this I've used it on a bunch of my videos it's my favorite pasta alternative it's high in fiber and it's made from the conger group so it's a vegetable based pasta you can also do zoodles here butternut squash noodles or I also like with the chickpea or lentil based noodles which are high in protein so once you've mixed that all together go ahead and put it into your bowl this is super easy and super simple and the sauce itself will make about three different pasta servings so you can keep that in the fridge and then heat it up all week long it's delicious it's seasonal it's so much flavor this is definitely one of my good twos and lastly I wanted to show you guys more of a macro plate so focusing on just a simple protein a simple veggie in a simple complex carb so I'm steaming some broccoli and then getting my salmon ready with just a little bit of pink Himalayan salt and some pepper along with a little bit of coconut aminos coconut aminos are great it's full of inositol which is great if you have PCOS but it's also just a great lower sodium alternative I'm putting that down on my pan on medium heat for three minutes and then you flip and click on the inside for four minutes while that was cooking I got a sweet potato ready you can microwave it or you can put it in the oven but I like purple sweet potatoes because of the color now you want to try to get as many different colors in your diet that you can and the only other purple thing I can really think of this cabbage and cabbage can be hard on your digestive system so I reach for purple sweet potatoes the anthocyanins which is the purple is a great anti-inflammatory the broccoli it's bright green you get so many benefits from that and then you have your salmon which is full of nice healthy fats it's gonna decrease your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol so it's just a good all-around plate to have hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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