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Easy Lentil Recipe ▪️ Quick and Versatile ▪️ Delicious Vegetarian Supper in 15 mins



beyond a regular lentil soup here's a delicious and easy lentil recipe that you can do at home for this lentil recipe I'm using the red lentil or what we call a masoor dal because of the easygoing nature of the red lentils my this lentil recipe is absolutely versatile Before we jumped into the cooking part let me tell you it is very essential to wash the lentils thoroughly

Why? because the dust-like covering on the lentils if consumed makes it very gassy for you within I usually wash the lentils for about three times or I know the water is clear in the same pot I add in some roughly chopped red onions, some garlic, a medium tomato, some turmeric and cumin And for some extra spice I added a green chilli you can add more if you like it more spicy Pour in some water, idealy the same quantity of water as that of the quantity of the lentils used Cook that for about eight to ten minutes on high flame I thought I should sip some tea before getting the sides ready after about eight to ten minutes take it off the flame and keep it aside

Do not open the lid yet let the steam and flavor stay locked in Tonight with this, we are having some flat breads and beans It's quarantine and I really miss having a fresh salad Well it smells really good in here and I cannot complain Meanwhile for the finishing touch, into a hot pan goes in some coconut oil I would love to add in some mustard seeds but it's out of stock, some finely chopped shallots, garlic and cumin would do the magic This aroma is graceful indeed This now goes on the cooked lentils Mix it

You can have it as it is if you like it dry or if you like it as a gravy form you can add about half a cup of water to make it a gravy garnished it finally with some cilantro if you're not a vegan or not on a dairy-free diet adding some ghee to this lentil recipe is a definite yes and it's heavenly! There you have it a very easy and quick Lentil recipe that you can try at home It's pretty easy and quick The detailed lentil recipe is given in the description below Thank you for watching I hope you eat healthy keep well and stay safe during this time See you in the next video you

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New Cookery Recipes
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