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Easy Oreo Dessert Recipes||No Bake



Hi guys! It's me Des and Welcome back to my channel Before I will tell you guys what we'll going to do today with my mother i will tell you guys first that i will be having a giveaway! Yes, i will be doing a giveaway guys And not only 3 but 9 Lucky winners! Yes, 9 LUCKY Winners guys! And they do will have a privilege to choose what prizes they want from the choices Here are the choices: Liptint, Twilight Pass(Mobile Legends), 500 peso load Any network either Globe, TM, Smart or TNT The mechanics are so simple First thing you do will be, LIKE and FOLLOW my FB PAGE: Des_Channel No

2, SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE Channel No3 Send your screenshot that you SUBSCRIBED to my Youtube channel and comment "SUBSCRIBED" with the screenshot and TAG 5 of your FB Friends So that's it guys! Simple as that June 12 will be the deadline Of this giveaway And Announcement of winners will be on June 15, 2020 So let's proceed guys if what are we going to do today Hi guys! We are going to make 3 desserts This is no bake, no flour needed And the main ingredient is Oreo! So guys, let's get started! Crush the oreo first Then pour it into a bowl Add Milk and Baking Powder then mix well Grease your molder/pan with an oil or butter Then pour the mixture to the molder/pan Tap to remove air bubbles Steam for 60 mins Voila! The chocolate glaze and mallows is optional We used chocolate bars and heavy cream to make a glaze

Refrigerate for 2 to 3hrs And here is the finished product! A chocolate cake that has No Flour and No Bake needed Yummy! Mix crushed oreo and butter Press into the bottom and sides of the pan to make a crust Freeze for 1hr Mix Melted chocolate, Butter and Heavy cream Set over to a pot with simmering water Pour the chocolate mixture to the oreo crust Refrigerate for 2 to 3hrs Voila! Yummy! Mix crushed oreo and butter Press into the bottom of the pan to make a crust Freeze for 3hrs

Mix Cream cheese and powdered sugar Add whipped cream and mix again Chopped chocolate bars and put it in a bowl And add heavy cream Set over to a pot with simmering water Pour the Cream cheese mixture to the crust Pour chocolate mixture at the top of the cream cheese mixture You may now refrigerate it for 4hrs But us, we decided to decorate it first with Oreos before putting it inside the refrigerator Voila! Yummy! Guys here's our finished product! This one is a birthday lockdown cake, a Chocolate cake Made with Oreo, baking powder and milk only Also no oven needed It's so deliciuos guys You can really taste the flavor of the cake Also the chocolate glaze and mallows here are optional only Next is, this Chocolate Tart! This guys, this crust is made up of crushed oreo Then This one is melted chocolate, butter And then this one is, Oreo Cheese Cake But it's a bit melty coz of the low temperature in our refrigerator But it is still so deliciuos Out of this 3, this is my favorite It's like an ice cream It's all sweet guys so we partnered it with green tea Also this desserts we made today coz it's the birthday of my nephew Rhyly and couzin Atoy So HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! I hope that you are doing fine there and keep safe So Thank You for watching And hope you enjoy this video And Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel Bye! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

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New Cookery Recipes
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