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Hey you guys! It's Kierra Castle here Please don't forget to subscribe but we're starting off the morning with a Vegan Savory Breakfast Bowl

You're going to cook the quinoa according to the package You're going to cut up half of a red pepper Also, if you would like to know the specific measurements for each ingredient, it's going to be down in the description box Then, you're going to cut up an avocado so you can use half of it and by the way, just look how beautiful that avocado is It's so nice! But yes, so cut up your avocado according to however you like to eat it and then, you're going to cook your veggies

I chose to use mushrooms, frozen spinach, and peppers today so you'll see me put the peppers in later and then for your seasonings, you're going to use black pepper, any kind of salt you have but just like a pinch of it I use two salts I use Himalayan salt and Morton but umm, not too much of each You're going to get some onion powder and garlic powder but again, you can season however you would like And remember, if you want the specific measurements for each one, it's going to be down in the description box

Quick note, if you're interested in more vegan videos, I do upload every Wednesday and Saturday so make sure to tune in to see those updates and make sure to subscribe So after your veggies finish cooking, you're going to go ahead and make your JUST egg So, JUST egg is a- an egg alternative An awesome egg alternative You can put a little water in there if you want it to be more fluffier – tip

And the, next, you're going to be making your sweet potatoes so I cut up one large sweet potato You're going to make sure – you have to make sure the oil is hot I would put one in first like I did here to make sure they start bubbling and then you'll put the rest in Uhh, mine took about 15 minutes to cook but I did have the stove on low but it really depends on how slow or fast you like to cook So, here are the sweet potatoes being done and this is how your final plate will look

So, next, we're going to be making a Vegan Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie So, you're going to use – put your oats in, you're going to use whatever sugar you'd like I use brown sugar You're going to put your cinnamon in I love putting a little extra cinnamon

You're going to use a frozen banana Make sure it's frozen so you don't have to use ice and then also, you're going to use any type of milk alternative I use almond milk So, and then, also pure vanilla extract and once you have all of those in your blender, you're going to blend until smooth If you need more vegan breakfast ideas, definitely check out my "what I eat in a week" which will be included in the cards and in the description below

But next, you're going to top off your smoothie with a nice, Reddi Wip Non-Dairy cream and this is the final product Voila! And finally, we're going to be making a dozen Vegan PB&J Muffins You're going to start off with a ripe banana and you're going to mash that up as best as possible Put that to the side and next we're going to make our egg alternative So, the recipe below yields for two eggs so two chia seeds equals two eggs plus the water and then you're going to line your muffin pan and you are going to next put everything together

So all of the liquid ingredients such as the maple syrup, peanut butter, chia seeds, bananas, and vanilla extract all go together You're going to mix until it looks like this Next, you are going to sift in your flour and your baking powder Now, the reason you sift it is because it makes the batter very easy to eat once you bake it, umm, or once it gets done baking So lastly, you put in your salt

You're going to mix that up until you get a batch that looks like this If your batch is too thin, you can put more flour If it's too thick, feel free to put milk or anything – like you could put more maple syrup or whatever you want So now, you are going to fill each one You're gonna – but it's going to be like a cookie so you're going to do dough, jelly, dough, jelly and then at the top, you'll you know do your little swirls and then after that, you're gonna pop that in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit – no, actually, I cooked these at 350 only because I want – like I said, I was cooking on low heats today but you cook this on 350 Fahrenheit for about 25 to 35 minutes

Mine totaled a total of 35 since I did use 350 and this is the final product It was amazing I ate six of them in the span of two hours so that just tells you how good they were If you did enjoy this video guys, please give it a thumbs up Like, comment, and subscribe for more vegan content and I will see y'all on Saturday

Alright, bye guys!

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New Cookery Recipes
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