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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of don't keep up with the Jones' you see I'm in the kitchen So that must mean it's time for another episode of cooking with Chrystle, don't forget step one is always like comment subscribe today we makin' a seafood boil let's get down with it

Okay Alright you guys so the first thing that you're gonna do is you're going to get your seafood boil like Sauce or whatever ready? So I turned on my pan and I am melting a stick of butter Right So once that's kind of melted down you're gonna go ahead and You're gonna start adding in your seasonings So I have some garlic powder Some chili *powder* (my bad) Some Old Bay, Some Tony's Chachere's seasoning I got Vigo chicken flavored soup base If you don't know now you know Put that in your grits Alright and I'm gonna add a whole cut onion into this as well And I'm also gonna add this whole container of organic spice minced garlic

So after that, you want to stir everything up just get a little mix My onion's a little chunky but that's okay Mix it up like that and then you're going to add two and a half cups Well Two cups of water So you're gonna go ahead and let that cook and just like simmer for about 20 minutes Alright you guys so while that sauce is brewing up I'm going to put some potatoes into a glass dish and I'm going to cover them With this Cellophane wrap and I'm going to microwave it on high For Seven minutes, okay And I'm going to drop my corn I rinsed into my boil that I got going

as you guys can see I already put my corn in here because it was frozen So as soon as I finish mixing that I Put I put my corn in But now, I'm about to add in my potatoes from the microwave that I steamed up And before you put your potatoes in the microwave Make sure you poke holes in them so that you can allow the steam to release Okay

This smells so amazing Yep, so continue to just let that simmer down finish cooking the potatoes and finish cooking the corn and melting those flavors together and I turned it down to medium Okay So the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get a cup of melted butter This is one stick of melted butter I'm going to add some garlic powder I'm gonna add some of my Tony Chachere's seasoning And I'm going to add a little bit of Old Bay

to the butter and then I'm going to mix it all up And I'm just going to pour that on top of the crab I've heated my oven to 350 degrees and so I'm just gonna put this in the oven I am going to cover it with foil You wanna make sure you cover it with foil so that your shells do not dry out And then i'm going to put this in the oven all right, so I have a pan that I heated up and I'm using that to cook my shrimp while my crab legs are in the oven

I went ahead and peeled my shrimp some people like to cook it with the peel on I don't just because when it's time to eat I want to be able to eat! I'm gonna sprinkle with some Old Bay Ton'y Chachere's and some garlic powder And now I'm going to add just a little bit of olive oil because i'm going to add my sausage to this And now you can go ahead you can take your crabs out of the oven put your shrimp and your sausage Into the pan with that Lastly I'm going to pour my sauce on top of everything Alright you guys there you have it a crab and shrimp seafood boiled with the sausage and the corn and the potatoes don't forget to Like comment and subscribe If you'd like to see more of my videos and I will be sure to leave a link in the description box for some of my other videos as well as the measurements and details of this video Thanks Bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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