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Easy Short Cut Recipe Bharwa Baingan-Baingan Recipe-Stuffed Brinjals Urdu Hindi 2018



Stuffed egg plant with very easy recipe In this video i will tell you what is the stuffing and how long you should cook it

welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking put all these things in the blendar with little water those who are watching my video first time then i do simple and easy cooking recipes for beginners if you are looking for easy recipes then subscribe to my channel by clicking red button and also the bell icon mix all spices in onion tomato batter wash and cut egg plant cut four slices keeping the top attached sprinkle pinch of salt in each and leave for 5 minutes

i have already done this now put the filling in egg plants arrange them in wide botton skillete pour the remaining batter onto it pour 1 to 2 tbs oil now turn on the stove, cover, bring it to boil and then turn the flame low let it cook for 15 minutes or until soft move it very slowly use small spoon to turn

be carefull about the shape after 15 minutes they are done, if any water left evaporate it use two spoons to dish it out without breaking it comment below and tell me how was the recipe easy or not? to watch more recipes like this subscribe my channel like this video and share it on face book

Source: Youtube

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