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Easy Spanish Puff Pastry recipe – Palmeritas



okay this one is an easy and super fast puff pastry recipe Palmeras or palmeritas for the smaller ones that we're making today You find them everywhere in spanish bakeries and they're great little pastries that you can eat for morning or afternoon tea and they're wonderful with coffee and there are only four ingredients so it's a perfect recipe for beginners and children

I make them with my toddler all the time First up prepare your baking tray I'm using a little melted butter to stick down some baking paper and then turn on your oven to 200 degrees Celsius Our four ingredients are some pre-made and pre roll butter puff pastry you need a square or a rectangle not a circle If your pastry was frozen you'll need to defrost it in the fridge first You'll also need about 50 grams of melted and cooled butter and some sugar, 3 tablespoons and some cinnamon 2 teaspoons

If you don't like cinnamon you can just use sugar The ingredients are listed in the description of this video as well So unwrap your pastry you want to keep your pastry cold while you're working with it because if it gets warm it won't puff up as much I work with half a sheet at a time and my piece is 29 centimeters by 29 centimeters I'm going to work with half a sheet at a time so cut the pastry and transfer half to a piece of baking paper and roll the other half back up and put it in the fridge So now you've got a rectangle turn it around and roll it a little more lengthways try to keep it even until it's around 3 millimeters thick

In my case I got an extra 5 centimeters from rolling it out By the way if you're in the States and using the Pepperidge Farm puff pastry it is quite a bit thicker than puff pastries I've used in Australia and Europe so you may need to roll it a little bit more In the end it should be about 3 millimeters thick – something like this then I'm taking my melted and cooled butter and brushing it all over one side So puff pastry is made with layers of dough and butter but I'm putting more here to help the sugar caramelize and get crunchy when the palmeritas bake And then use about half your sugar and sprinkle that mixture over generously because you're actually putting enough sugar here for two layers of pastry you'll see what I mean in a minute then you want to take the short ends and roll them carefully towards the middle so it just start slowly and you see there that that sugar is gonna cover the other side as well that was underneath so roll it to the center and then carefully roll up the other side as well until the circles are more or less the same size and they meet in the middle then brush some more butter on top of that and sprinkle some more sugar then we're also putting some sugar onto the baking tray in three lines where we want to lay the pastries then you just need to make slices about five to seven millimeters thick and set them on the sugar on the tray

Now what happens here – you can see that when you slice you flatten the rolls so what I do is push the ends back around while I'm transferring each slice to the bake tray Remember not to touch the pastry too much because you want the pastry to stay cold so it's slice, curl and place let's get it close up – slice, curl and place slice, curl and place they should look heart-shaped on the bake tray Then to finish just brush with some more butter and sprinkle the last of the sugar over the top The sugar underneath helps the pastry puff up sideways on the bake tray at the start of cooking and it also caramelizes with the butter at the end of cooking

Put your tray straight into the preheated oven for about 13 minutes If your oven isn't hot enough yet put the bake tray into the fridge until it's readyYou can see here that I baked some ugly ones from the end of the roll but they're great testers If you take a look at the underside you can see nice and golden and crispy So wait around 10 minutes to cool them a little and then find some people to help you eat them

So there you have it a really good recipe for the weekend They only take around 20 minutes from start to finish and you have your own homemade pastries in a kitchen that smells like cinnamon bakery goodness Okay I'd love to see a photo of your palmaritas you can post one to instagram at #spanishbaking and don't forget to tag me as well My channel Spanish Taster is all about Spanish cooking so check it out for more recipes If you like it please subscribe and let me know what you want to learn how to make

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