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This is my recipe of Sweet and Sour ShrimpsIt's so easy to follow and very affordable recipe

Are you ready guys? Add calamansi extract,salt,pepper and chili flakes to our shrimps Calamansi packs a powerful punch of citrus flavor Coat the shrimps with flour and egg Pan-fry our shrimps until golden brown Flip both side for evenly cooking For our sauce, in a mixing bowl add pineapple juice,sugar,ketchup and salt Saute' garlic ,white onion and green bellpepper

You can add ginger since we are dealing with seafoods especially shrimps Add our Shrimps When our sauce starts to boil this is the time our shrimps will get the flavor of the sauce Top with spring onion as your garnish and for extra flavor Thank you so much for watching Don't forget to subscribe to my channel

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