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Easy to Make Cilantro Lime Chicken | Healthy Dinner Recipe – Grilling, Pan Fry, Baking



– Hey guys welcome to iFOODreal where we make healthy dinner easy and yummy I'm Olena, and this is my husband Alex

– Yes I am Alex – And together, we cook and chop – And having fun – Today, we are making cilantro lime chicken with cilantro and limes, and you can pan fry or grill it, and you can marinate it for as little as one hour up to 48 hours Let's do it! – Yeah, for me, chicken is, I can eat chicken all day every day

She knows that, so that's very exciting, and it's gonna be very tasty – Yum yum – Let's do it – Yep – Yes let's do it

(upbeat pop music) (knife sharpening) (laughter) – All right, here is my Ukrainian-Mexican cilantro lime chicken, so to cut the limes, they're hard, so to help them release the juices you roll them first, and then, you cut So when you squeeze the juice, it's gonna come out super easy Okay, and to blend the marinade I like to use this little guy, easy to clean, and we will link it below So you take a bunch of cilantro, and you put everything in there, the stems as well So you just put, you can kind of tear it if you want, and just put it in there

Then we add lime juice, and for lime juice, I like to use the lime squeezer We will link to it below too Look at this magic Easy peasy, lime squeezey, and more because I'm Ukrainian We don't waste our food, nothing goes to waste

We eat everything, I even probably will put these limes in my water Then add garlic, olive oil, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper, and blend until smooth (upbeat pop music) So now, add chicken to a bowl, and we are using about two pounds, or five to six chicken breasts, and now, we're gonna literally attack the chicken with a fork We're gonna stab it to make some holes, so the marinade penetrates it faster, and this is especially helpful when you marinate for a little time, like I am today for one hour, or, to be honest, 30 minutes what am I saying? And now, we're going to pour marinade over, swish it around to coat every piece, and marinate from one hour up to 48 hours We're gonna cover it, and this is my beeswax wrap I made

I know I'm super granola All right, so now, we are ready to grill the chicken after it has been marinating You want to preheat your grill to about 455-500 degrees Fahrenheit, and grill the chicken only then Oil please, so you want (laughs) Let's see if I'm gonna go This is something they say you shouldn't do, but that's what Russians do

You shouldn't spray oil on flame, but we do that, and it works My hair is still here, anyways, and just grill the chicken for about eight to 10 minutes, flipping once and covered (upbeat pop music) So to check the chicken for doneness, you can use a thermometer, and the temperature should be more than 160 degrees, and our chicken is ready, or when you poke it with a knife, the juices should run clear (upbeat pop music) And cover it with foil, and let chicken rest for five minutes It helps with juices to redistribute back into the meat, and it will be more juicy

All right, let's see, oh my goodness, it feels like cutting through butter It is so soft, and not dry, and cooked through, and smells amazing So now, let's try our chicken! Why are you always laughing at me? – I can eat chicken all day long, did I say that? – We heard that already okay? Oh my god, mm, what do you think? – So good – What's good? – It's tender, it's juicy, and it's a meal by itself – Just chicken

– Just chicken, I don't need salad – No! – Just go for it – That's what food bloggers do they eat just chicken for lunch, 'cause there's nothing else – Well – But honestly, mm, this chicken is super juicy and tender and it has a lot of cilantro lime flavor, even marinating it for, what, 30 minutes

We didn't do long, because of the acidity in lime juice, and you can pan fry it, or you can grill it, you can serve it, I don't know, with quinoa, brown rice, in tacos, whatever, and yeah All the chicken is gonna disappear Anyways, that's it for today, if you like this video, and if you didn't, I don't know, see you next time anyways Give us thumbs up below, like this, and subscribe over there – And visit iFOODreal

com – Yeah, and see you next time – Bye! – Alex, Olena – Yes, iFOODrealcom, cheers

(upbeat pop music)

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