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Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe



– Hello dear, I'm making a banana cake – And I thought why not shoot? – Let's make a banana cake with me – Vegan banana cake made with almond flour – I already have it from here – so let me explain to you – 3 bananas 3 bananas – and there you – And then you crush the bananas until they look like this – I can see that? – right – after having the bananas mashed – you add the almond flour – And then you put whatever you are using to sweeten – I'm using xylitol – So we have sweetener, flour and mashed bananas here – let's mix – you will learn this wonderful recipe today – I know this is in chaos but come with me – Then you turn on your oven because we have to preheat – It's warming up – If you're wondering what's going on because I'm like that – I dont know! – Do not know! – But I'm making banana cake – And I haven't cooked here in a while – Well, I made a brownie a few videos ago – But I didn't show any recipe – I had just shown that I made a brownie – But today I'm going to show you the recipe for my banana cake – I always make this cake now, and it is VERY good – And I really hate cooking – But sometimes I like it – It's rare, but I'm cooking in this quarantine – And the banana cake is my favorite at the moment, it's better than the brownie – We already have the 3 ingredients here – Let's see what else – Now it's time for baking soda – a tea spoon – a tea spoon – a tea spoon – a tea spoon! – One teaspoon of baking soda – I swear it's so easy to make and so yummy – Did I say you're vegan? VEGAN – A spoon – Bicarbonate – This is baking soda, right? – No, that's yeast! – You know what, it's the same

– Both are white powders – All right – half a teaspoon of salt – where's my half spoon? – It's here! half a spoon, let's go – salt, in the half spoon – I do not have anymore – I only have this salt how am I going? – ok, I have to think – Okay, we have a little complication

– We have to think what to do with the salt – maybe if I – put like this – This will take a while! – Enough, ok – Problem solved! – Salt is done – What else? 2 tablespoons of cinnamon! – Cinnamon, because banana cake has to have cinnamon, am I right? – it's here – And then you put as much as you want, you don't need to follow any recipe – I put too much! – There's too much cinnamon because I didn't measure – I just put what my heart told me – And now, let's see what else – We add apple vinegar and that's it! – ONLY THAT! – How many minutes of video? it shouldn't even take 5 minutes and that's it, you made a banana cake – Apple vinegar – how much? – 1 tablespoon! – soup, soup? not this is tea SOUP! – it's the big one tablespoon – of apple cider vinegar – And then you put it in our mix – Too beautiful! – easy, now we mix everything – Puts in the form – Poe in the oven – And then 25 minutes later you have a banana cake – And it's very good – now I'm going to get that FOFISSIMA shape! – Look how cute (breaking the whole kitchen) – Look how cute, it's blue! – very cute! – And then you put the dough here – first to make our lives easier – We put this paper here, I know this is round but we make it work – Bum, it worked – This tip here for you, no matter it’s round, just stick it in the shape – done – Then you pour the dough into the pan – It’s chaos here – Just put it in the shape – I should throw these shells away – My camera almost fell – I had a mini heart attack but I'm used to – I have mini heart attacks all the time, I have anxiety – I'm dying all the time doesn't matter

– Ok, what the shit – That shit will keep falling – Why are things going so wrong? Why are you doing this to me? – Now I put the dough in the mold – I did something wrong, I did something wrong – With paper, it never happened before – My goodness – Here is my cookie – Now we put it in the oven – She's a little chaotic – Here in the oven – And we wait – While you wait you can clean up the mess you made – 25 minutes later, I just removed it from the oven He's beautiful and wonderful – And I nudged it with a fork and it's like this – poor man, but look at that, banana cake! – And that's it, this cake is very good! I'm not kidding – You can have a little vegan meal in it warm ☺️ – This is today's recipe, sign up here for more recipes – Lie, I don't normally make recipes but that's it – This is my boyfriend on the phone in case you are hearing a voice in the background – follow me on instagram and tiktok is the same @mariakatarinac, subscribe to the channel here – And bye, make vegan banana cake, bye subscribe to the channel 🙂

Source: Youtube

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