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Easy Vegan Banana Muffins – 3 Ways to Make



hey y'all welcome to all of our new friends who may be joining us for the first time and welcome back to all of our family I'm Larisha the better half of the dual of Make It Dairy Free dot com and today we are going to be talking about banana muffins (upbeat music playing fades to background when speaking begins again) there's something about a muffin that just makes it so much better than a quick bread

One it fits right in the palm of your hand – it cooks faster than a quick bread which is always a win in my book 3 I think that there's a little bit of subliminal messaging going on like you think you're eating a cupcake but you're not really eating a cupcake but your mind is being tricked into thinking you're eating a cupcake and really I think I just might want a cupcake right now but let's focus the recipe that we are sharing with you today can be completely top-8 allergen friendly so make sure that you head over to the site and get the recommendations for how to do that we are going to be showing you three different versions of these so you can have your new favorite banana muffin no matter which way you prefer first up we're gonna show you how just to make traditional banana muffins and then if you like nuts we're gonna show you how to make the most delicious banana nut muffins that you have ever had then no matter if you add the nuts or you don't we are gonna show you how to make the most delicious crumble topping that will rival any bakery banana muffin that you have ever tried and best of all you don't even have to leave your house so I know you guys are excited to make these let's get right to it So first we are starting with the obvious bananas you want really ripe bananas the riper they are the sweeter your muffins will taste like the best bananas come from bananas with not just a few dark spots but almost completely black bananas now that that tip is out of the way add your bananas to a bowl and mash them I like to just use a mixer until no chunks remain but you could also use a fork or a potato masher to mash them again just making sure that you don't have any large chunks at the end in the bowl we also added softened vegan butter any dairy-free milk we usually do oat or almond some maple syrup and vanilla and blend together to the same bowl add in both brown and cane sugar and blend again and then it's time to add your dry ingredients that's right all in one Bowl so that's going to be your flour cinnamon baking powder and baking soda and some salt we like to fold this together to make sure that we don't over mix it's super important not to over mix your batter or you will end up with really dense muffins if you are allergic to nuts or don't like them you can add to your muffin tins now and proceed with the oven baking instructions however if you like banana nut muffins then right before all of your flour has been combined add your walnuts and fold to combine to well greased muffin tins add your batter 3/4 full you can do this with large regular or mini muffin tins the only thing that will differ is your cooking time now the fun part if you like those crumb topping muffins to a bowl add flour brown sugar cinnamon and vegan butter use a fork to combine until well mixed together and then crumble evenly over your muffins if you like a lot of crumble topping and you could even double the recipe also with any of these you could combine them like only adding nuts to half of the batter or only adding crumble to half of the tops the choice is yours bake them to perfection and then eat them right away or store in an airtight container you can also freeze them and use as needed within 3 months thanks so much for watching we hope that you give these a try make sure to check out our website for six other types of muffins that we have comment down below with your favorite type of muffin and we'd love if you give this video a like and follow us if you aren't already have a great day and remember to smile

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New Cookery Recipes
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