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Easy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe



WOOO! we're making it easy vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe this will 100% be your new favorite go-to cookie recipe I'm telling you (upbeat music playing, fades to background when talking begins again) YEAHHHHHHHHHHH

welcome and welcome back my name is Andrew representing from the duo at Make it dairy free dot com and this is no doubt one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes out there I'm just gonna say vegan or non-vegan let me tell you why have you looked up vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes you got 99 problems vegan chocolate chip cookie is number one to 99 so I was like looking a few up and I got on one of them and it had like 15 ingredients in it I mean I'm by myself scrolling on my phone like why this look like my kids Christmas list up I move on to another one and the next one is like refrigerate for 48 hours bless your heart just having all the patience in the world for you cookie these cookies should have been named you ain't got no kids chocolate chip cookie recipe they ain't waiting no 48 hours I'll tell you that you ever look at some recipes without knowing the name or the ingredients you can tell that is vegan just a cookie ayy but uh no shade it's all fun and games let me uh let me show you how to make them first up do not underestimate the chocolate I mean the recipe is called chocolate chip cookies it's basically the focus of the whole ensemble as seen here I use a few bars to dice up and toss in the dough since we're not using milk chocolate this percentage is a good option to help balance that bitter and sweet that you get when combining this with this with the dough when in doubt just get some chocolate chips that you like most to make the dough we're going to start out with creaming together the vegan butter and our sugars so quick tip you can use coconut oil here but do not melt it honestly the best bet is to use vegan butter it is essential in a good chocolate chip cookie recipe to include that buttery flavor you're not gonna get that from any oil another tip is to ensure that you cream these ingredients together it will have a slight change in color and lighter texture and you'll know you've done this correctly this takes roughly about two minutes then your vanilla and your apple sauce get added in and beat it for just a few seconds to combined it should resemble something like this just be mindful not to overbeat time to move on to the dry stuff one of the great things about this recipe is that it's one Bowl I mean you do use some beaters and a spatula possibly even a cookie scoop but it's one bowl once you finish up adding your flour baking soda and salt beat it until everything is combined the dough will start to fragment and crumble that's exactly what you want the idea here is is that you want your dough to be dry enough that it doesn't stick to your hands and really won't stick to the bowl either but you want it wet enough that it easily combines together now add your chocolate chips and reserve a few

stir it all together and begin creating your dough balls this dough makes about 12 decent-sized cookies probably could fit in the palm of your hand but you don't have to tell anybody that when they only see six left on the baking sheet when you're done with the reserved chocolate chips add to the top of the dough balls that do not seem to have very many chocolate chips then this is ready for the oven alright thank you so much for watching family don't forget to Like share and subscribe first six people to make these share it on their Instagram story and rate them on the website will be forever featured on this post on our website just don't forget to tag us I love you all remember believe in good peace (Talking) I had like a another chocolate chip cookie that said you you you make the ball and then you you smash it like that's not how you make chocolate chip cookies I'm not sure where they got their cookie from but you don't smash your cookies it's supposed to just flatten in the ovenlike what the

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