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EASY Vegan Lentil Curry Recipe – 25 Minutes + 3 Steps! (Kari Dal Roti Canai)



Look at this pot of dal curry It's done in only 25 minutes I'll show you tips to make this super easy lentil curry in just 25 minutes Including preparation and washing time

I even made roti canai in between all that So keep on watching to find out how I did it and for a trip a local restaurant I'm at the local supermarket at the back of me is the dry goods section I'm here to find a specific type of lentil that cooks super fast We are not getting Australian until or Indian This is what we're looking for Mysore dal It's orange in color And because it's much smaller it breaks down in just 15 minutes We're also getting this special mix herbs I'll tell you more about this later

Next we are getting some rainbow coloured vegetables: purple brinjal soft red tomatoes fresh green chili red onions and potatoes and I'm also getting frozen roti canai! Okay now it's time to pay and go home

Underneath the curry plant you can see a lot of babies There I'm getting two stalks of curry leaves We have a brinjal – but it's too small It's even shorter than my pinky! Hello, it's Sara from New Malaysian Kitchen This is my family kitchen where my mom and I cook every day These are all the ingredients that we need for this easy lentil curry I divided it into three parts: mixed herbs Onion, curry leaves, with oil The vegetables, the tomato, potato, brinjal green chilli, garlic the water, and the dal Lastly the third part is the seasonings: chili powder turmeric powder and sea salt I'll get all the spices and vegetables ready in five minutes

We'll be 3/4 cups of dal Rinse it a few times Chop it into small pieces cut it in half first Only then I'll remove the outer layer It's much easier Slice it until here I leave about half a cm So that is still whole then I cut it So put it all in here Onion is and curry leaves

We need 1 teaspoon of this mixed herbs This is a common mix used in Malaysian curry It's combination of a few things: cumin fennel

fenugreek and Mustard seeds Ok First part is done Now we're going to cut all these vegetables into small pieces This potato I'm not gonna peel it What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna scrub it clean Just use your fingers, we don't need anything special We're gonna cut it into dice size

Cut it like this Tomato just cut it into half Gonna cut our brinjal into finger size Cutaway the top We need half a bulb of garlic, I'll peel it then I'll smash it Cut away the top and then the skin will come out easily These two green chilies, I'm not going to deseed I will just simply chop it up because we are not using the dried chilies already so we need the seed To give it a bit of heat Now that I've got all the ingredients prepared, it's time to cook! Turn on the stove put 1 and 1/2 tablespoon of oil with all these spices Fry until the onions are brown at the edges We've prepared all the ingredients in 5 minutes the next 5 minutes We're going to fry this So that's already 10 minutes Then we have 15 minutes more to cook all this This is the spice that I use But if you don't have this mix spice you can use mustard seeds Put it in 3 cups of water Cover it Now bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for 15 minutes

What are we gonna do in a 15 minutes? We're not gonna waste any time; we're gonna clean this up Done washing! So just put it at the side get back to cooking It's not boiling yet When it boil, I'll bring it to simmer

It's boiling Now it's like that Gonna close it and let it simmer We even have time to make roti canai And I have 10 more minutes We're going to cook this on low fire I think it's is forming already; its puffing up Turn it around just to check to make sure that it's not burn Okay

The color is quite good Flip it Look at this, it's brown nicely put a bit of butter in this roti So this will taste better than the other one It's puffing up Take out the next roti Look at this Next we are going to see then our pot of dal curry

We will need 2 teaspoon of salt And then 1/2 a teaspoon of chili powder Half a teaspoon of turmeric Mix it up The color is so much more better now Okay We are done Easy lentil curry is done in only 25 minutes You will eat our roti canai with teh tarik Sara: Mommy, mine is with butter Mommy: Hmm Sara: Try Sara: Mommy, can I use hands? [Cantonese] Sara: Mommy, can you eat with hands? Mommy: I Mommy: I think I can She prefer to use cutlery Sara: Mommy, can you tell the camera to subscribe? Sara: Why? Why you laughing? Mommy: Don' t know how to tell [laughter] Mommy: It's very nice to eat please subscribe [Whispering] [Laughters] Sara: Very good, Mommy! Louder, louder? Mommy: It's very nice to eat please subscribe Sara: Thank you! I'll bring you to the mamak near my home to show you how dhal curry looks like in Malaysia It's just two minutes walk away Just over there I'm normally here to get roti canai and dhal

Hello! Lama tak jumpa! [Malay] / Long time no see We are going to put some curry on tosai All sorts of curries The curries are here, this is the dhal curry Longer time to this integration Needs a lot of water

So if you wanna cook fast don't get this Tell my youtube friends

Why you always tell me to remove the seeds It's very spicy and then it's not easy to digest So it's the better to remove some of it Okay? Thank you

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