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[UltraVid id=39 ][Music] hi everybody my name is rose and welcome back to chief lazy vegan today I’m going to be showing you guys three super easy and super lazy recipes that you guys can make in 15 minutes or less most likely less because some of these are a lot so easy ok these are like perfect when you come home from work and you’re really tired but you still want to make some delicious food and you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen perfect perfect for those times or just any night really because let’s face it why spend more time in the kitchen then you have to ride okay okay before I get start with this video art wanna let you guys know that I am currently working on an e-book a recipe ebook and I am so excited I’ve been working very very hard if you’re following me on snapchat you’ve seen all the craziness going on sometimes I’m making like 5 dishes in a day okay maybe not 5 yeah I’m working really hard on it so I hope you guys are excited I’m trying to fill it up with as many really delicious and easy recipes as I can so definitely stay tuned for that if you want updates you can follow me on snapchat and also you can follow me on Instagram and on Twitter on Facebook and all that good stuff but anyways without further ado let’s get started with these three super easy and two super delicious recipes so the first recipe I’m gonna show you guys is creamy pumpkin pasta and oh my god this is like my new favorite pasta sauce recipe okay it is so good like I didn’t think it would turn out so good but it just went so well together like the flavors and it’s seriously like does not require many ingredients at all and oh my god it is so good seriously guys like you need to try this you need to try this and of course it’s perfect for the season because everyone’s obsessed with pumpkin right now cuz it’s October yay so here’s how you make it let’s go [Music] to make the sauce we’re going to need some garlic I’m using five cloves and I’m also using about a cup of pumpkin puree I believe this is pure pumpkin puree from a can and I’m also using some light coconut milk you can use regular if you’d like and some extra virgin olive oil now in a pan on medium-high heat we’re going to add a little oil and some minced garlic and we’re just going to cook the garlic for a couple minutes or so until it’s nice and browned you know how cook garlic looks like right mm-hmm and then we’re going to add the pumpkin puree along with the coconut milk at this point you probably want to turn the heat down to a low to medium heat so that it’s not too strong and then you’re just going to mix it all well together and it should become a really nice creamy consistency pretty fast then you’re just going to add a little bit of salt and if you want to thin out the sauce a little bit I’m just adding a tiny bit more coconut milk just make it a bit thinner and then just mixing it well together and then it should become very creamy and perfect and that’s pretty much how you make the sauce it’s that easy guys that easy and once the pasta has cooked you’re going to drain it and then just add it to the sauce and then just mix it well together and your dinner is ready to be served [Music] I really hope you guys try this out I’m telling you guys it is the perfect recipe for fall and it is also so so delicious and creamy I was actually really surprised at the taste and how well it turned out especially considering how little effort and how little ingredients went into this but I’m telling you it is so good so I really hope you guys try this out all right so the next dish I’m going to be actually using Sudan noodles now if you guys are unaware these things are like thick delicious Japanese noodles I think it’s made of flour I don’t really know the details but they are so good and you can actually buy them in like these precooked packages that’s basically the only type of you know noodles I’ve ever worked with I always get the precooked kind but anyways you should be able to find these in regular supermarkets or Asian supermarkets wherever and these are so good and you can basically stir-fry them with whatever you want but this is how I did it I’m gonna call this sriracha Oden stir-fry okay so ratchet on stir fry back if you like sriracha if you like it on if you like stir fry you will like this recipe so here’s how you make it first thing you do is stir fry some veggies with some water or some oil totally up to you I am using carrots first because carrots take the longest to cook and for some reason I wanted to add carrots but feel free to add whatever vegetables you prefer and I’m also adding some yellow bell pepper and again adding a little bit more water while I stir-fry and once the veggies have cooked quite a bit I’m actually adding a bit of soft tofu I’m just crumbling it to give it a bit of an eggy like texture and I like to do this to add a bit of extra protein without having to take the time and effort to actually pound fried tofu or anything like that it’s just an easy way to add some extra tofu and some eggy like texture and then I’m adding the udon noodle package into the mixture along with the sauces I think I’m adding some soy sauce here yep soy sauce and some garlic powder and I’m adding a bit of sweetener I think this is maple syrup and while I’m adding everything I’m just mixing it as I go you can’t do this separately in a different Bowl but too lazy and then I’m adding a little bit of sesame oil as well and last but definitely not least I’m going to add a bunch of a sriracha sauce to give it that beautiful reddish color and yeah [Music] and this part is optional but I’m just going to top it with some toasted sesame seeds and then top it with some more sriracha because I have a problem apparently and then that is it it’s so so easy and it kind of looks weird but it’s delicious I’m telling you guys it’s so good again if you like sriracha if you like it on you will definitely like this recipe [Music] so the third and final recipe that I show you guys is going to be a peanut rice vermicelli I don’t know how to call any of these rice vermicelli with peanut sauce I don’t know if that sounds good but it is so good okay at the end it didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to but the flavors were so they’re like if you just look at it it looks like there’s like no flavor and then you eat it in your local hallway again this is like super easy to make of course because all of these are really easy to make and yeah okay let’s get started all right so the first thing going to do is bring water to a boil either with a kettle or on the pot and while that’s happening you are going to chop up some vegetables now I would recommend using veggies that are easily cook able is that even a word I’m just using broccoli because you can easily cook it with just some hot water and I’m also going to chop up some canned baby corn and then in a big bowl you’re going to put the one serving of rice vermicelli and then once the water has boiled you are going to pour that in there so you’re basically cooking the rice vermicelli just with hot water and along with that you’re also going to add the vegetables that you’ve chopped and this is why you want to use veggies that are easily cooked Bowl once again that’s probably about English and then you’re going to cover this up and let it cook for a maximum of probably 10 minutes I would check up after 6 minutes while that’s happening you are going to make the sauce so in a different little bowl you are going to mix them peanut butter with some rice vinegar some soy sauce a little bit of garlic powder a little bit of ginger powder and a little bit of sweetener again I’m using maple syrup and then you’re going to mix it well together and also add a little water to thin it out [Music] and once the noodles have cooked you can drain it and then transfer everything into a different Bowl and I’m also adding a few chickpeas in there just for some added protein totally optional and then we’re going to add the sauce on top and then we are just going to mix it very well together so that all of the noodles are coated with this delicious peanut butter thing and then again if you have a problem like me you can add some sriracha on top totally optional and that is your finished product it is super delicious again it looks kind of plain but it isn’t trust me if you like peanut butter definitely give this a try I really hope you guys like it and that is it you guys those are my three lazy recipes literally you can make all of these in 15 minutes or less so I really hope you guys try these recipes out I think they are so so good and they are so so easy so you have no excuse anyways if you guys like these kind of videos let me know down below and of course give this video a big thumbs up it really does mean a lot to me and of course if you are new to this channel then make sure you click that subscribe button and I will see you guys in my next video bye you

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