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Easy vegan ssamjang(쌈장) sauce -Korean dipping sauce- recipe



Annyeong how are you it is getting hotter and hotter in Korea so I was thinking which food is good for this hot summer season it should be cool not hot and should be easy to make not complicated so I'm going to show you how to make 'ssamjang' today it is kind of Korean dipping sauce which is mixed with red pepper paste and soy bean paste if you have been to Korean barbecue restaurant you have tasted 'ssamjang' with 'Galbi' or a 'Samgyeobsal', pork belly you can get 'ssamjang' at grocery store like this one but today I'm going to make special healthy homemade 'ssamjang' easy veg 'ssamjang' I've just named it so let's set the table you will need soybean paste, red pepper paste, honey or sugar, sesame oil, minced garlic, some nuts, tofu and vegetables like lettuce and kale first put 3 tbsp soy bean paste, 1 tbsp red pepper paste and, 2 TSP of honey or sugar in the bowl I'm gonna use honey this time and put minced garlic in the bowl together next I'm going to cut nuts into small pieces I prepare walnuts, almonds and pecans You can use whatever nuts you have less than 10 nuts enough Nuts are source of protein and it makes 'ssamjang' crunch so put nuts in the bowl with 1 tbsp of sesame oil and then mix well hmm smells getting better next step is TOFU time first wash tofu in the running water and cut it in half and then mash up! you can skip tofu if you hard to get but by adding this make 'ssamjang' less salty and tofu is good source of protein as well Put mashed tofu in 'ssamjang' and mix well finally we make easy veg 'ssamjang' You can taste just itself but I recommend you to have some fresh meal with this 'ssamjang' prepare cooked rice and some vegetables like lettuce, romaine, kale of course is okay and you know what the next step is wrap and eat we call this 'ssam' 'ssam' means wrap or wrap something you can enjoy hot summer with this simple and cool 'ssam' Is there anyone who wants to make more special wrap with 'ssamjang' Then follow Blanch the kale just for 10 seconds in boiling water and wash it in cold water spread on plate and put bite-sized cook rice and 'ssamjang' on the kale and then wrap it like this one by one this can be good finger food then I'm going to taste it I love this texture Tofu is soft and nuts are crunch so it is very interesting texture and it is good to taste freshness of vegetables and deep taste of 'ssamjang' together today we make easy veg 'ssamjang' and I show you how to enjoy 'ssamjang' as a meal if this recipe is helpful then thumbs up and subscribe my channel please see you then bye

Source: Youtube

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