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Easy Vegan Tofu Recipes That Don’t Suck


[UltraVid id=478 ]hey everyone its Caitlin and welcome to another video in this video I’m going to show you two ways to cook tofu that don’t suck okay honestly I will admit most vegan and vegetarian chefs or cooks know how to cook tofu and know how to make it flavorful but I see a lot of comments out there about people complaining that tofu is bland or gross or boring and if you think that way about tofu you’re probably cooking it wrong tofu is essentially like a blank canvas it doesn’t have much flavor to it so you have to season it with other things which makes it great because it’s a vessel for so many different varieties of cuisines and flavors and if you really think about it it’s exactly like me I don’t really see anyone going around eating plain steamed chicken or plain turkey without any other oil or salt or seasoning to it so why would you expect a plant-based protein to be like that as well we usually like things because of the seasonings we add to them and so it was great for that another common complaint that I hear is that tofu is spongy or has like a weird texture to it and I will admit if you’re eating like raw unseasoned tofu it is kind of strange and that would definitely be an acquired taste however I recommend that you always bake or air fry your tofu that’s what I always do when I cook it because it helps to get a really nice crispy texture on the outside but it still remains slightly soft on the inside another thing I would recommend is that you press your tofu which is when you put a weight on it and it pushes some of the extra liquid that is in the tofu out just like water but this allows the seasonings and flavors and marinades they use to penetrate the tofu more and make it more flavorful I do have a few more tips like this but I’m going to share those along with the recipes so let’s just get straight into those first we’re going to make some crispy orange tofu and to start out we’re going to be making a healthy orange sauce so in a blender you’re going to add some orange juice I used fresh-squeezed orange juice some maple syrup some tamari some rice vinegar orange zest red chili flakes garlic ginger and 3/4 of a small light onion then you’re just going in to blend that up and then once it’s a smooth mixture you’re going to pour it into a saucepan and then bring this to a boil and once the mixture starts to boil you’re going to make a slurry in a separate small bowl with some cornstarch and water and then just add that into the pot and you’re going to cook it down until it becomes thicker and do keep in mind that the sauce will thicken even more as it cools and now on to the tofu portion so to make our crispy tofu we’re first going to bake our tofu in the oven and I wanted to show you guys a hack that actually helps to make your tofu more crispy and that is freezing your tofu and that may sound weird but my mom always does this and it does work really well it helps get some of the extra liquid out so as you can see when you open a tofu container the tofu itself is in a decent amount of liquid so you can freeze the whole thing but I don’t really like to do that I like to drain my tofu and then from there I will just put it in a ziplock and put that in the freezer and it takes less time to thaw so once your tofu is stalled you’re just going to press it and as you can see the tofu kind of looks more spongy it’s not gonna taste spongy but as you can see they’re letting more air holes in it which means more water has left the tofu so after that you can just chop it up into pieces I like to cut my tofu into bite-sized pieces so I cut the block in half like lengthwise and then I cut it into smaller cubes so to prepare our tofu for the oven we’re just going to put it into a bowl and then this part is really simple we’re just going to add some nutritional yeast and a little bit of tamari and then mix that together until all the tofu is evenly coated in all of these places this is my pretty much base recipe for all of my tofu I love the flavor it adds to and adds a nice golden color to so you’re just going to put this on to a line or greased baking tray I’m using a silicone mat I do think this helps my tofu get a little bit more crispy so you’re just going to bake that in the oven for 15 minutes then you’re going to flip the tofu and pop it back in for another 15 minutes and then once your tofu is finished you’re going to toss it with some of the orange sauce as you can see the two who got super crispy and the next tofu recipe I didn’t freeze it tofu so you guys can see the difference in freezing versus non freezing so you can serve this tofu however you would like this is what the finished product looks like it’s crispy it’s healthy it’s delicious it’s full protein I don’t know just tastes really good that’s all that matters right just kidding their health is important too but yes anyways I decided to make a sort of tofu of Buddha Bowl and like I said you can do whatever you want but I just cooked some rice I did some short grain brown rice and you know you guys should know how to cook rice once it’s boiling you cover it bubble bubble blah and then I also decided to steam some broccoli so I just put some water in a larger pot and then put in some fresh broccoli and steamed that until it was nice and tender and then once you’re finished just serve it up with your crispy tofu and you could drizzle in some more of the healthy orange sauce so this is what the frozen tofu looks like on the inside as you can see it has a less I guess mushy sort of texture the outside gets really crisp so that’s it for this first recipe and now we’re going to make some a buffalo tofu I feel like most tofu has Asian flavors to it so I wanted to do something that was a little bit different so this time I didn’t freeze my tofu but I still chopped that up into chunks and I put it into a bowl and as you can see here the tofu kind of looks more smooth than the frozen tofu which had more of an airy texture to it so we’re just going to add in some nutritional yeast and a tablespoon of tapioca flour or corn starch into the bowl and then just stir that until the tofu is evenly coated and then we’re going to add in some buffalo hot sauce we’re going to use hot sauce and not wing sauce and again like the orange tofu we’re just going to put this onto a baking tray and bake it for 15 minutes and then in the meantime I’m going to making a salad with this tofu but I wanted to roast some corn so I was trying to be efficient with my time and I cooked my corn and a nonstick skillet and this is super easy you literally just add corn to the pan and it will slowly blacken you don’t need to add anything else to it and it smells really good and tastes even better so I just set that aside to cool off so I could add it to my salad and then the tofu was ready to be flipped so I took it out of the oven flipped it and then baked it for another 15 minutes then during the second 15 minute interval I decided to make some ranch dressing for my salad so I used some hemp seeds nutritional yeast onion powder garlic powder salt and black pepper then I just added a little bit of water to that and I blended it until it was a nice and smooth consistency and then from there I just added in some fresh herbs so we have some chopped parsley and dill then I just gently pulls that into the dressings I didn’t want to blend it completely and by this point our tofu was done so I put it in a bowl and then I toss it in one more tablespoon of hot sauce just to make sure it was nice and juicy and from there again you can eat this however you want you don’t have to make a salad but I decided to make a salad because you know cut make like slightly healthy I don’t know I just like salads I guess but the salad is super easy you’re just going to need some shredded lettuce some carrots some of that roasted corn cucumber celery and our ranch dressing and then we’re just going to mix all of this together until everything is well incorporated and you can add dressing to taste some people like their salads with more dressing you do you and then you know just put it in the bowl and top it with a crispy tofu I decided to top mine with an extra serving of a black pepper cuz I like things spicy and I also added in some ham parts as well that was mostly for the Instagram photos so if I’m being modest and there you have it I did want to compare the inside of this tofu though so as you can see here it is a little bit more soft and silky as opposed to the frozen tofu so now you know and you can decide what you want to do for yourself and that is it for this video be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which recipe you liked more and which one you want to make first I am lucky for you if you’re looking for even more tofu recipes I already have a ton on my blog including a Thai curry red soup with crispy tofu sheet pan fajitas with chipotle lime tofu I will have all those linked in the description below as well as the recipes from this video sometimes I get a comments or you guys complain that I didn’t write out the recipe but the whole recipe is linked in my blog post and that way it’s a lot easy for you to go back to and bookmark and share on Pinterest or print for later if you don’t like to look at it on the screen finally if you like this video and want to see more tofu recipes from me be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel and like what you see here feel free to hit that little subscribe button right down there and close to new videos every single week with easy vegan recipes budget-friendly grocery haul tips for vegan lifestyle vlogs tons of stuff like that so you don’t really want miss out on the fun do you maybe you do maybe you’re just okay other than that I just want to say thank you all so so much for watching and I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you in the next video bye [Music]

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