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Easy vegan vanlife recipe/ ātra, veselīga, vegāna maltīte, ko pagatavot busiņā



Today we will have pasta with sauce for good fire you will need smaller firewood, so I'll break it down to have more open fire for boiling, it will speed up the whole process you can also be cooked on charcoal, but this time let's cook on an open fire, because cooking will be much faster and I'm hungry, everybody is hungry the pasta has already started to boil stir slightly, as these dishes heat up faster than regular pans, so you have to monitor everything carefully and stir occasionally let's wait until the onions are getting golden and then put tomatoes and everything else let's cut the zucchini Marsell is the main entertainer and singer for this evening we will put salt at the very end of boiling, because if you make it at the beginning it will boil more slowly unfortunately, the salt water boils more slowly very good job just brilliant, absolutely ready! these are what we call perfectly boiled pasta, so good let's get off the extra water, finish the sauce and everything will be oki doki we will put fresh tomatoes on top so that they give juiciness to the whole dish let's add a little oil so the noodles stay golden and put them on the fire let's mix everything this beautiful golden color will be in pasta too well less than 15 min and we have a very tasty meal on the fire in nature with the best joker by our side and this is just a lovely sauce we bought along the way Let's try that let's add it to the pasta and mix together just like in Italy, but just in Finland in a very free form in nature, we will serve it let's take the pot and serve everything let's put fried veggies what can I say – practically ready, let's sprinkle some dill and freshness and ready let's wait for it to cool down here we have fresh ice cabbage tasty?

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