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Easy ways how to cook delicious chicken pickled lime soup, teach you to cook chicken pickled lime



Hello Everybody today i gonna show you how to cook chicken pickled lime soup Now i start to clean the chicken i start to put the wok and keep it till hot i start to add the oil now the oil get hot and i add chicken into it now i keep the chicken a moment then we​ interpret the chicken to other side now i start to interpret the chicken to other side because it got gold or red color now the chicken already cooked and extract it to the tray now i start to hash the garlic already hash and keep it into the dish and then i start to mix the pickled lime with the ingredients we pick the seed of pickled lime out then i add the soup soup add oyster sauce add sugar we mix it well now it already mixed well then start to put the pot to fry the garlic now start to fry the garlic keep it gold color then we add ingredients the garlic already fried i start to add mixed pickled lime mix it well add some water now the water is fulminating then i put the chicken into it then we dousedowse the pickled lime sauce over to get more delicious taste then keep it about ten minutes now already got ten minutes we start to interpet it then keep it more ten minutes now the chicken already cooked now we start to extract it to the tray now the chicken pickled lime soup already cooked so let's try together Smell good So yummy Yum very tasty thank you everybody for watching every my videos please click subscribe and ring the bell notification for me really thank say good bye bye

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