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Eating Weird Food from the 50s (with Katherine)


[UltraVid id=289 ]good morning John for Christmas from her mom Catherine received a log book that once contained records from her grandmother’s hair salon after she had kids though she turned it into a recipe book pasting in recipes from newspapers and magazines from the 40s and 50s they are interesting so catherine and i decided to try a few of them out the results were mixed here is our recipe one golden rabbit you make it with two Campbell’s soups stir well one can Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup gradually blend in one can Campbell’s tomato soup add 1/4 cup milk heat stirring or over crackers or toast mmm good plan yeah it’s all flavor I have endured myself I got too excited about my golden rabbit doesn’t it look like a golden rabbit this is not on the list of things that I want to eat again the predominant flavor is crackers well I do like crackers it grows on you you’re still hungry just add more crackers serve it with half a raw potato recipe number two popovers in a bowl dump 1 cup on sifted flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 eggs just break them over the bowl and drop them in so they’re staring at you with their big yellow eyes one cup beat this with an egg beater till it’s just mixed now fill the cups half full and set the cookie sheet in the 450 degree oven you will have 6 splendid popovers so golden-brown and exuberant Lea puffed up that it’s almost embarrassing I kind of burned them yeah no fish like a breath northern biscuit and down with this yeah I’d like to try them again Coleman whole milk no one’s got a hole no ha ha ha recipe number three beer dressing mix mayonnaise and mustard together Adam horseradish and gradually stir in beer I mean it’s not good I let it mustard that much though recipe number four Mexican chop suey 1/2 pound ground beef fried in butter when possible 1 cup sliced fresh tomatoes 1 medium sweet pepper 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped celery 1 cup milk 1 tablespoon flour fry the meat slowly over low heat then remove the meat leaving the juices to which should be added a vegetable ingredient simmer until tender add tomatoes after which add milk mixed with flour and simmer again until mixture begins to thicken like gravy then combine with meat and serve immediately you seem really unexcited about this one said serve immediately so it can’t dilly-dally this is probably the best it’s ever gonna be I have a suggestion for improving it huge amounts of salt I’m gonna eat more so much better right now you’re wasting salt I may be over salt in mind yeah you really want to town on it definite if you were gonna name this dish what would you call how easily is inspired by Chinese food and Mexican food what no it’s like a Cleveland chowder recipe number 5 orange cranberry relish mould dissolve gelatin and boiling water add orange juice and chill until consistency of unbeaten egg white cut orange and quarters removed seeds and put through a food chopper add ground orange cranberry sauce a celery and nuts 2 gelatin mixture and turn into a 1 quart mold chill until firm unmold to serve it’s like a : o it’s like coming across just some sand in your food do not serve your friends or family this why does jello even still exist this is what you get our crazy high school board what are the hospital like where else does anyone have jello what have we learned about Dictys food Katherine would you rather live today oh yeah but I think that there may be there may be some wisdom sorry not in there Helen Thanks Thank You Helen that’s my grandmother’s name yes not Helen Lance thanks to Helen Hunt food thanks Catherine for being in a video with me thank you for watching and John I’ll see you on Tuesday you got a lot of cleaning up to do baby have fun

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