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EEL Catch and Cook.Poke Poling in Half Moon Bay.How to Make Unagi Don.第一次抓鰻魚.做鰻魚丼飯.鰻魚怎麼抓



Today is a low tide of negative 11 Many people are digging like geoduck Caught eel today Like many fish, they eat squid At low tide Can be found Where the high tide cannot be seen A place like this with a little water We will stick in This pole is like a shrimp farm in Taiwan No reel Scalable So you can reach deep This pole is seven to eight feet Write ten but I tear down a section The top is a hanger Tied up with tape

Tie a hook It’s so simple Find a place that doesn't usually show up Look for There are a lot of small crabs here, I think I will step on them Like this not quite like what I want Bitten Bit off Something here Bitten off Rebaiting Put more See if there is eel Oh there is biting Is back have a feeling Have There is one Fat feeling Find a stone to solve his pain I forgot to bring the hook The knife is afraid of cutting the thread Do you have any more? Have This is fun poke poling? I can also sure How do you know when to pull it out? When something is biting, give him some time Let him eat I will pull The first time too little is eaten immediately Are you going to try it? it is good I am not sure If there is no change in two minutes You go up one more Right foot span pull out! Have it? With yeah! Something different That's a fish Grouper Bait again This is not needed Too small Are you moving? He ate How is this High tide The water is getting closer Pull it up if you have Let's cut some more bait Pick it up Did you bite? No With crab Yes, it’s a crab

If there is no eel, we will change it Change it I try again A lot of things I can You can play at low tide Yes indeed You also bought me a good one (stick) This is ok No seasickness what Should be water May be gone Damn Very annoying It's him again After that, just grab a crab and come here These are small Should be gone Next time we go there Relatively Where they will hide I saw someone catching there last time It feels more flat and flat Come back home! This looks Does it look like a Delicious food Let's see So slippery Super slippery So much mud It's funny when it falls Deeper and deeper First use So slippery Now towards the bones Scrape off the meat Don't pierce the internal organs Viscera exposed Be careful not to poke Amazing Gutted bones to be removed Head off The bait he just ate Remove the fins Fix it again Just rush again Really cut fish fillets~ We are going to make sauce The bones and head make the sauce more flavorful Sugar soy sauce and Milin It's that simple So sticky Feels uncomfortable Cook until thick The taste of the fish needs to be boiled in It tastes like eel Add a little hot water to remove his mucous membrane The mucous membrane is down Wear bamboo sticks It looks like There is also the voice of Zizi Zizi Actually almost Last embellishment carry out The seafood is very heavy Please eat Not so fat Melt without entry But it's not bad Also good

It's delicious! success!

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New Cookery Recipes
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