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Hello Everybody ,Welcome to My Youtube Channel Today I'm going to make a new Recipe which is Egg Scamble With Red Chilli Powder, Which also Known as "KARAM GUDDU"in SOUTH INDIA Let start making Have A Look , require 4 Eggs, 1 Table Spoon Chilli Powder or as per your requrement

Salt as per your taste Lets Start Cooking Gas On, keep the Cooking Pot for 4 Eggs require 2 1/2 Table Spoon Once the Oil Heated, put the eggs into it Keep the Gas Flame Slow Use the quantity of Oil as Suggested Now we put the Salt Red Chilli Powder Now Keep the Gas Flame High And contiune to mix it See how to mix it Now slow the Gas Flame Cover the Pot with ANY Plate / Lid Leave it for 5min on Slow Flame Friends Mix it Properly "Karam Guddu" Is Ready (Egg Scrambled With Chilli Powder Ready) Now its ready to Serve Turn off the Gas Knob Lets Serve it See Friends, its ready And already Garnished Its look Tasty (Yummy) So ,Try the recipe its delicious If you like the "RECIPE"; then Like the Video, Share it , Subscribe it, Press the Bell Icon; So you get "MY NEW RECIPE VIDEO INSTANTLY" Till then Bye, Thankyou ,Take Care

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