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Egg yolk shortcake mooncake dessert recipe for Etsy #2 蛋黃酥



Hi guys, here is Yi In today's video, I'm going to make Probably the most popular pastries in China at the moment & it's called "dan huang su" (蛋黃酥) It's actually these really crispy layered pastry inside filled with egg yolk, salted egg yolk & red bean paste It's very similar to one of those traditional Chinese desserts for mooncake festival

However you can also eat anytime of the year It's just sweet savoury & all kind of tastes all combined together I'm also going to sell these pastries in my Etsy shop I will put a link in the "i" in the card & as well as down below in the description box Hopefully you will enjoy today's video So firstly we are going to make some salted egg yolks You can use either duck eggs or chicken eggs Here I'm choosing medium size chicken eggs We're also gonna need lots of salt Here using enjoy salt to cover the bottom of our container spread the salt evenly Then we can take either a lime or lemon or anything with a similar shape make some dents in our salt so our yolks are going to sit in those dents crack our eggs remove the egg white carefully & gently lay our yolks into those dents Here we're going to make 8 salted egg yolks but you can make more if you like So the salt is going to absorb the moisture from our egg yolks They're becoming harder later after 24 hours Here lay more salt on top of our egg yolks & try to cover all the corners of our egg yolks Now we can lay our egg yolks for either 48 hours or 24 hours cover our egg yolks with a sheet (foil) after 48 hours, we can take our egg yolks out use a small brush to remove the salt on the surface After they are cleaned, we can wash them to remove the salt now take some liquor Here I'm using cherry water Just let them sit in the liquor for about 5 mins then we can take them out, lay them on to a baking sheet set our oven to 180c then we are going to bake them for about 5-10 minutes until they are completely tried for our pastry dough we are going to need 120g of flour with a pinch of salt 25g of sugar 44g of lard & 46g of water firstly add our sugar into the flour as well as our lard adding a small amount of water slowly & use our hands to mix everything together once it's roughly combined adding a bit more water keep kneading it until we can form a dough once it's smooth, we can set it aside use a transparent plastic foil wrap it around to prevent it from drying out now for our fat dough, we are going to need 90g of flour & 45g of lard adding our lard into our flour & mix everything together with our hands keep kneading our dough until forming a smooth ball It's pretty soft We are going to wrap it as well in a transparent plastic foil & we are going to set them aside for about 30 mins then we are going to need some red bean paste about 300g Here I'm using a canned red bean paste, you can also make this yourself I have a recipe on that Now we're going to wait our dough & seperate them to 11 equal doughs so roll our dough to a stick it will be easier to cut them & seperate them so for our flour dough, they should be roughly around 18g each & for our fat dough, it should be around 11-12g each Once we have all our dough seperated we can set them aside firstly we can take a small flour dough press it flat roll our fat dough to a round ball put it inside of our flour dough & wrap it around close it with our fingers form an round ball set it aside under the foil we can keep doing this we need to remember the order of each balls we made so we going to start from the beginning always Once all our doughs are ready we can set them aside cover them with plastic foil to prevent them from drying out now let's roll our red bean paste we are going to weight them as well so seperate them to equal size flatten them up when they are big enough to cover our egg yolk we can put an egg yolk in the middle & as well as closing it up once they are perfectly around we can set them aside & continue with the rest of my red bean paste & egg yolks Once our fillings are ready, we can prepare our pastries take one of the dough, the opening part on the top & we are going to roll it with a roller until we get this flattened oval shape it should be really thin We are going to roll it from the bottom to the top or top to the bottom, it doesn't really matter until we get this roll of our dough we set it aside & do the rest so we always so from the first to the last & continue we put all our dough back into the foil & let them rest now take one of our dough, flatten it with our hand just press it down then use our roller to press them even further to roll them flat until it's pretty thin, we can roll it again from bottom to the top we have to be really gentle, because the dough is quite fragile & we don't want to break them so once we have all our doughs ready & our fillings are ready, we can prepare the last step use our thumb to press the dough in the middle to make it look like a pyramid, so a triangle shape then use our hands, our palm to press it down until it's flat then roll it with our roller, to make a large & round shape It should be big enough to cover our filling then put our filling in the middle of the dough & wrap it around doesn't really matter how you want to close it all you want just to close up the dough & try to shape it perfectly around, then we can do the rest I made 2 fillings without egg yolk which is a bit smaller & easier to close now we have all our pastries ready we are going to brush them with a bit of the egg yolk so beat up one egg yolk & brush the egg yolk on top then we are going to brush them the second time this will give our pastries a nice yellow colour once it's all finished, we are going to add a bit of black sesame seeds on top just sprinkle a little bit, the egg yolk would be able to stick the sesame seeds We can set our oven to 180c & we are going to bake it for about 30 minutes Once all our pastries are ready we can take them out & let them cool You can enjoy them either warm or cold so here is my finished pastry you can see I have some black sesame seeds, a bit of egg yolk around & the pastry suppose to be sugar crunchy so guten appetit it's a really soft texture & inside it's sweet & salty all together If you like today's recipe, please give me a thumb up & leave your comments below (or share it with your friends) if you want to see more videos like this one, please sub to my YouTube channel thanks for watching, see ya

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