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Eggless Black Forest Pastry Without Oven | सिर्फ 3 Ingredients से सॉस पैन में बनाइये



I am showing Black Forest Pastry recipe today This is very tasty and yummy It's looling like the pastries we find in the market Made these pastries in quick time with very few ingredients Made this in a sauce pan Let's see the recipe but before that do subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon for notification To make the black forest pastry I have taken 200 Grams Chocolate Biscuit Break biscuit into small pieces Put biscuit pieces in a jar and grind to make fine powder

Transfer biscuit powder in a mixing bowl Add milk and make smooth batter Add more milk as required Consistency of the batter should be slightly thin Keep the batter aside meanwhile let’s heat the pan To bake the cake take another non stick pan and grease it with oil all around

Take a pan and put it onto the flame and let it heat for 2 minutes Once the pan is heated add eno in the batter and stir immediately Do not wait otherwise cake will not become fluffy, , immediately pour the batter in a greased pan and put the pan onto heated pan Cover the lid and let the cake bake for 15-20 minutes on low flame After 20 minutes insert tooth pick and if it comes out clean it means cake is fully baked Let the cake cool down completely Put whipping cream in a bowl and beat till stiff peaks form

When the cake is completely cools down cut into square shape with the help of sharp knife Cut the square into half to make two cake layers Now take the one part of the cake, pipe out whipped cream on top put some chopped cherries and sprinkle chocochips Now put again the second layer of the cake, pipe out whipped cream and smoothen it Spread whipped cream all around and smoothen it Spread some chocolate shavings on top

Cut into 3 slices Make swirls on each slice Put one cherry on each swirls Black forest biscuit pastry is ready to serve

Source: Youtube

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