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Eggless Chocolate Brownie | Brownie with Ice Cream on Sizzler Plate | Desserts Recipe



Today we're going to make a very special dessert hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream put some vegetable oil in the container and grease it well on all sides put one spoonful of white flour and spread it on all sides now there's a flour coating in the container preheat the oven (OTG) at 180˚C for 10 minutes select both roads for heating and switch it on for 10 minutes you can also use a microwave with double convection you have to ensure that all ingredients are measured very well because baking requires you to be exact in your measurements if your measurements are correct and you're following the recipe step by step then you'll never face a problem while baking take 1+1/4 cup of white flour take 1/3 cup of cocoa powder 3/4 tsp baking powder I'm using a different sieve but it's perfectly okay to use the regular one as well and it'll work the exact same way the main purpose of sieving is it'll make the dry ingredients airy and all the ingredients will mix well and your chocolate brownie will be really soft mix the dry ingredients separately now the ingredients have mixed together well let's now take the wet ingredients take 1/3 cup of butter (salted) ensure it's soft and at room temperature do not take white butter as it has water content so we'll avoid that now take 3/4 cup of sugar powder beat the butter & sugar powder till it becomes fluffy now take 1/2 cup of curd mix the curd together with butter & sugar powder take some pineapple crush (secret ingredient) this will give your brownie a very nice flavor 4 spoonfuls of the pineapple crush you can find the crush at any nearby confectionery shop if not pineapple, you can choose from the other fruity flavors after putting pineapple a very nice fragrance is emanating from the mixture now put all the dry ingredients on top of this be careful to put any nuts, chocolate chips, etc on top of the dry ingredients and then mix them if you put them on the wet ingredients then they'll settle and won't mix evenly put some chopped walnuts on top of the dry ingredients and some chocolate chips put 1/4 cup of milk milk should be at room temperature let's beat it for a minute with a blender when students come to my cooking class they often are worried about the lumps in the brownie and we're able to get rid of them but if you beat with a beater or blender for a minute then it'll be free of lumps and make the texture very smooth this will give you great results while baking this is the perfect texture we were looking for neither very soft nor very hard it has to be of dropping consistency now take the container that we had kept aside and pour all the batter in it tap the batter and level it usually when we bake in a round container it peaks at the center press it slightly from the center to avoid that place some walnuts on top of the batter bake at 180˚C for 25-30 minutes dip a skewer and check if the brownie is ready if the skewer comes out clean, that means your brownie is ready leave it aside for 10 minutes to cool because your brownie will crack if you take it out when its hot as it has a lot of moisture right now till the chocolate brownie is resting and cooling down let's prepare our sizzler plate so that we can serve a sizzling chocolate brownie in a sizzler plate take a sizzler plate cover the base with foil paper heat it on low flame for 10 minutes brownie has now cooled down (after 15 minutes) take a knife and separate the chocolate brownie from the container do this very gently from all sides prick it from a few places here & there so that the air is released and it leaves the container easily we'll be cutting this chocolate brownie in triangles looks so delicious & tempting! the fragrance is amazing and it's also hot we'll serve this brownie in the sizzler plate where it'll sizzle really well take some chocolate syrup If you liked this recipe, then subscribe to our channel (ManjuMittal Cookery House) and don't forget to hit like and share this recipe

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