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Eggless Fresh Fruit Cake / Fruit Pastry Recipe -through oven (English Version with CC)



Welcome to my kitchen I'm Mrs Bhawana Jaiswal Today I'm going to preapre eggless fruitcake with Pineapple Flavour which I regularly prepare in my kitchen For making this cake We will take 3 steps In 1st step : We will take 1/2 big Cup of milled refined and bleached wheat flour We will sieve this and put it in a siever and 1/2 Tablespoon of baking soda 1 tablespoon baking powder And we will sieve it by sieving it what happen it will mix it properly and then we will keep it aside In 2nd step: we will take one bowl and 1 cup of Malai for this we require one cup of Malai and keep it in a bowl and one cup of sugar grinded or powdered sugar and we will mix it properly lump should not be there and put 4 tablespoon of oil this is optional we you want you can put it and then mix it properly by putting the oil, the texture of cake is very nice and very sloppy it becomes now after this we will add the 1st step powder into the bowl slowly and again rest of the powder also and now you can see it is becoming very thick and tight we take 1/2 cup of milk and we will pour it with slowly and again some more milk mix it properly And for the flavour Now we will put pineapple essence 1 spoon of pineapple essence And for the color it is eatable color orange type of color Pinch of that And you can mix now some more milk which is left And one thing more when your mixing it mix it in one direction mix in right to left or left to right and see and after this you will add some cherry according to your taste tutti fruti we also say Now batter is mixed properly now it is ready to keep in the cake mould for this , first of all we have grease the mould we will put some oil or butter in the mould and grease it properly and we will take some wheat flour all purpose flour and we will dust it very nicely and we can put the butter paper also Now it is ready and we can pour this batter in the mould and before we keep the batter inside microwave we have to tab so that whatever air is there it will penetrate out this batter is ready before putting it in the oven i had pre heated the oven for 2 minutes and we will bake in the convection mode for 20 minutes it is too hot AFTER 20 MINUTES I will open the oven and see that it is ready and see the color of the cake cake is so yellowish For this we have to first check the cake we will take the tooth pick and insert it inside the cake and we will see it is clear so this shows that the cake is nicely baked and what we have to do is to keep this cake for 5 minutes and when it becomes cool then we will take it out from the mould cake is cooled we will take it out in a plate for this we take a knife and put it like this round the cake so that it will automatically come out and put the plate on it Turn the mould and you can see it is like this what a spongy and now we will cut and show you how smooth and yummy it is See the softness of the cake which is cakeless it is made up of malai Now the cake is ready to severe The best part of this cake is that it is eggless and still it is spongy so do try this recipe in your kitchen Friends if you like my recipe give a thumbs on my like button and subscribe my channel Till then good bye see you in the next recipe IF YOU HAD ANY QUERIES RELATED TO RECIPE THEN COMMENT IT IN THE COMMENT BOX

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