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Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay


[UltraVid id=525 ]the secret behind a great Eggs Benedict is in the hollandaise so get your pan on cause I’m gonna cook the hollandaise over a rolling boil with a glass bowl butter to put on to melt three egg yolks separated from the white tarragon vinegar pop that into the eggs you cannot get tarragon vinegar any white wine vinegar will do just as long as you got that acidity in there get some bike to hollandaise put your bowl over the rolling water and just start whisking if the eggs have direct contact with the gas hollandaise will become scrambled egg once you’ve got that nice creamy texture a nice thick Savion start adding your butter nice and slowly couple of tablespoons of butter in it and give that a really nice mix you don’t whisk it enough the egg yolks don’t take the butter it causes it to split it’s more butter using a big balloon whisk like this one makes it easier to incorporate air and helps prevent your mixture from separating all the butter in and the best way to keep hollandaise nice and warm is just leave it to sit over that nice warm water bath and it just keeps that a really nice room-temperature a nice pinch of salt fresh pepper and then fresh lemon juice that just really makes it vibrant exciting I want it like a sort of thick custard I just want it to coat the back of the spoon so it’s like you’re giving them a nice glossy texture to your beautiful poached egg now as the base for the eggs benedict you cannot beat English muffins but the ham I’m gonna change I’m gonna use the most amazing Parma ham get your pan nice and hot into the pan it’s like posh rashes our bacon Paulo ham fried nice and crisp by that is incredible beautiful ooh salads fantastic for Eggs Benedict [Music] now keep that pan nice and hot I want all that flavor on the Parma ham left in there and rather than toast my muffins I want to put the muffins into the pan I’m sucking up all that wonderful flavor from that crispy Parma ham make sure your muffins are toasted nicely this will prevent them don’t soggy later that nice and crisp now water on to boil for the eggs nicely seasoned really important and then just a little splash of vinegar in the water that helps us set the egg white in a minute you crack it in while the water heats up in the pan there’s time to get organized lay a nice slice of ham on the base now Walters brought up to the ball turn it down and then spin your water around like a little world pork then get it all cut so you just dropped the cup in look what happens to the egg gets caught up in the turbulence of the water the secret is not the ball the water rapidly because the strength of the ball can literally explode your egg as they start to move the way up to the top of the water that’s a indication that they’re cooked take off any excess little bits of egg one and then out onto a piece of tissue paper that just drains off excess water that stops your muffin from going really soggy look they’re like little beautiful mozzarella balls give them a little season lift them onto your crispy Parma ham usual now get a nice spoon of your hollandaise lays over trying to do it in one blazing over the whole egg when I tell Jack Holly Megan and Matilda that we’re cooking eggs benedict for breakfast they bolt down the stairs and let’s be honest who wouldn’t run to sit in front of those [Music] a special-occasion breakfast that would make anyone feel spoiled eggs benedict with crispy Parma ham beauties [Music]

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