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(ENG)[비건레시피/vegan recipe] 버섯토마토떡볶이 | mushroom tomato Tteok-bokki



Hello this is wannavegan Today, I am going to make mushroom tomato Tteok-bokki please prepare all kinds of mushroom rice cake

I prepared brown rice cake onion, green onion, tomato and I prepared veggies which are bok choy, cabbage, kimchi cabbage I prepared the tteok-bokki sauce which I got from Hansalim As this is vegan recipe so I prepared this as a veggie broth I also prepared seasoning soup and onion powder to make it taste better but later I found that this seasoning soup contains seafood so I didn't use it please prepare a large pot that can contain all this ingredients for the Tteok-bokki Pour the veggie broth Add mushrooms when the veggie broth starts to boil stir to cook evenly for the mushrooms Now I am going to add vegetables

When veggies die there will be more water comes out so you do not need to add water When vegetables cooked well then you can add the sauce stir well Now I am going to add rice cake and tomato I'll put onion and green onion later Now I'll add onion powder to make a savory taste Can you see the water which comes out from veggies? Now I'll add onion and green onion I added rice oligo syrup to make it little sweet I cut tomato half but it is still big so I cut it again with the spoon Like this When I cut the tomatoes the peels come out so I threw away the tomato peels I worry about the taste could be light so I added onion powder more It's almost done now Boil it down more look delicious? Now I'll put this in a plate It's done! It is really delicious I guess because I made it If this video was helpful or fun please subscribe me, like this video and set the alarm!

Source: Youtube

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