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ENG)춘천닭갈비만들기 How to cook Chunchon Chicken Galbi #닭갈비 #Chicken



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I'm going to make Chunchon chicken galbi with the ingredients I prepared today Chunchon chicken galbi is a dish that is fried with chicken ribs and vegetables Instead of chicken ribs, I'll cook with vegetables with the trimmed chicken leg I have Chunchon chicken galbi seasoning in my hand I think it'll be good enough to cook

Put them all in a bowl and pour in the seasoning Mix it Put the chicken leg in Mix the seasoning The chicken leg is a bit big, so let's cut it off

You can put the vegetables in the house, or you can cook them with chicken without the vegetables Let's wait until the sauce is full of chicken Let's prepare the Sari Sari will be added to the frying pan while the chicken is baked, so I'll cut it thinly Boil the glass noodles in boiling water for 8 minutes

Its name is chicken ribs, but I cooked it with chicken leg meat I'll try it Maybe it's because I added a lot of vegetables, but it's not spicy

Source: Youtube

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