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[Eng sub] Grandpa’s Cooking Herb Recipe「白飯が止まらない!」簡単しそ(大葉)レシピ



Hello everyone, Autumn has come Today is the second cooking of Shibasaki's original recipe

I will show you my cooking using Japanese herbs Please enjoy this video The herb that I'll use for cooking is "Shiso" This is a Japanese herb This is “Blue-Shiso”

The leaves are growing big This is “Red-Shiso” I will use "Red-Shiso" seeds It's so hard! I harvested these This is “Blue-Shiso”

This is “Red-Shiso” Wow It looks like weeds

Well, “Blue-Shiso” I will use this leaf But I'll also cut this flower part, because it is delicious Next is “Red-Shiso” I will use this seeds

Grab this area and pull I will harvest like this Will people in countries other than Japan eat this "Shiso"? Have you seen this "Shiso" in your country? It is a question from me I've harvested a lot of "Shiso" This is a pretty hard work

This "Shiso" is sold at a my local shop Well But I want to eat what I harvested by myself

Because I don't use pesticides in my field I've harvested a lot of "Shiso" I will start cooking from now using this “Blue-Shiso” “Red-Shiso” seeds I boil hot water I'll put hot water in here

Wow, The fragrance of “Shiso” smells so good Mix lightly Next Oh, It's a hard work because it's a one-handed work I will move this I drained it, so I will return this to the bowl again I will put some salt here This is ingredients

“Suri-goma” (ground white sesame seeds) It’s okay, if it’s black sesame seeds Soy sauce Cayenne pepper powder “Ajinomoto” Seasoning powder Put the "Shiso" seeds in the bottle

Put the "Shiso" seeds in the bottle That's it Shibasaki's cooking is so easy Put the "Shiso" seeds in the bottle This is

Is it a cooking? I harvested a lots of "Shiso", so let's put it all in I put it in Just put soy sauce in this

Ridiculous? No, so easy! This is soy sauce Put into the bottle Put a lot When eating japanese rice, this is suitable for side dishes “Hashiyasume” Is there any way to eat like this “Hashiyasume” in your country? I put a little bit "Ajinomoto", to deep the taste

Mix it with chopsticks Let it rest about 2 days “Shiso” smells good when mixed Now, is the next dish It’s smells good

I'll squeeze these Can you see it? I added salt before that I squeeze it like this and take the scum I harvested a lot of these, but now it is a little Shred the leaves

This sounds is so good It feels wild sounds Wait… Where is the camera? Move this to a plastic container Put a “Suri-goma” (ground white sesame seeds) here "Suri-goma" Then, put the leaves on it again

Again, put a “Suri-goma” (ground white sesame seeds) It will be nutritionally good Then put a little “Ajinomoto” seasoning powder Next, put a cayenne pepper powder If you like spicy, put a lot of this

If you don't like spicy, put this a little And finally put soy sauce Put plenty of this I put plenty of this Isn't it? I know, it's too salty and not so good for the heart

But I eat only a little as "Hashiyasume" To mix Can you imagine the taste? It will good to be moist Today is a soy sauce dish using "Blue-Shiso" leaves and "Red-Shiso" seeds Looks delicious

Well, I would like to try tasting Now, It is the 3 day since then That "Shiso" should be in good condition This is “Red-Shiso” seeds And This is “Blue-Shiso” with “Suri-goma”

They are both black color? So I will put these in a plate to make it easy to see Can you see it? This is “Blue-Shiso” This is “Red-Shiso” This is Japanese rice that was harvested this autumn It's a new rice “Shin-Mai”

Japanese stick to this new rice Put this "Blue-Shiso" leaf on top of the rice I will eat this with rice I'll try to eat instead of you It is difficult to express this in words

The flavor of the leaf and sesame of "Shiso" is mixed and the taste spreads in the mouth And I also eat rice again Umm… So delicious! This is nice I'm cooking this dish every year in the fall, without missing this chance Yes, I'm confident in this dish

Next is “Red-Shiso” It’s seeds This will be delicious when it mix with rice a little and eat it Can you hear this? It is the sounds of the chewed up seeds It's feeling that "Shiso" dancing in mouth

This sound and the oil of "Shiso" spreading in the mouth, so delicious I asked you when I was harvesting this "Shiso" Is it only Japanese to eat this? Is this herb in your country? If you've eaten, please write a comment! Anyway this is delicious! If you get this "Shiso", please try it cooking! It is perfect much for Japanese new rice in autumn “Blue-Shiso” and “Red-Shiso”, I cooked simple dishes using these If you like this video, please click the Like button and subscribe to my channel

Thank you for watching my video! After harvesting "Shiso", my hands got black

Source: Youtube

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