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Evde Tandır Kebabı Nasıl Yapılır / How to Cook Hommade Tandori



Baking ingredients: baking paper, aluminum foil Ingredients: fresh red pointed pepper, 1-15 kg lamb arm, olive oil, 2 teeth whole garlic spices: salt, black pepper, thyme, red pepper adding olive oil plenty of salt the salt you just added should be just enough for all meat, not the outer surface of the meat black pepper and thyme is a strong aromatic spice

In short, try not to use too much spice to get away from the aim of tandir kebab Now we'll rub the meat and let the spices penetrate The purpose of tandoori kebab is the taste of the meat For this reason, the meat should be cooked with its own water and the flesh must have a more fleshy side Now we'll rub the meat and let the spices penetrate now we can pack our meat To protect against the toxic damage of the aluminum foil, we will first use COOKING PAPER 2 garlic whole garlic (garlic is also a strong aromatic vegetables, so I don't want to suppress the taste of tandoor kebab) Place your red peppers all over the meat and on top If you want the meat to be bitter, you can chop the peppers

we will wrap the baking paper firmly It is very important to keep the meat in the meat during the cooking process It is also very important that the meat does not come into contact with foil in terms of health It came to roll with aluminum foil Wrap tightly so that no air ETİ FIRE BEFORE LOOKING TO THE TREATMENT LATCH SLEEVE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE LEFT SLEEP VERY IMPORTANT 250 degrees, Upper / Lower active, 3 Hours 30 Minutes (certainly not less than this period, 4 hours for best results) Do not be afraid to cook at high temperatures

You will remain in the water of the meat because you are tightly wrapped with aluminum foil 3 Hours After 30 min when you hold the bone and remove it, the result is perfect Enjoy your meal

Source: Youtube

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