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Hello guys, it's Ashley and I am so excited for today's video I recorded an entire week of me eating There are so many awesome recipes that I am super super excited to share with you guys So I hope that you guys enjoy, let's get right into it

Good morning We're having pancakes this morning I'm gonna start by showing you guys how to make it obviously So, I'm gonna be first starting by taking a banana and then we're gonna smash it up We're gonna add some soy milk This recipe like you don't need exact measurements for a splash of apple cider vinegar a tablespoon Of flax seeds and then just let this sit for maybe four or five minutes drinking some water in the meantime By the way this is the protein powder that I use, it's from Kara, it's the vanilla flavour I have probably like a cup and a half of blended flour You're just gonna add a little bit of nutmeg and a good amount of cinnamon Mix that through and well Honestly a good tip for making these is the thicker the batter The better and you know that they're ready to flip when it looks like they're kind of starting to get done on the top I guess that pancake is slightly dark This is how many pancakes that the batter made, literally a whole circle of pancakes? So I'll probably eat half of it and then save the other half They save really nicely in the fridge You can just heat them up in the microwave So here is my lovely breakfast

I also have some frozen blueberries that I microwaved They're like really liquidy Then I have peanut butter, my jar is like almost empty We're gonna use some forager cashew gurt This one's the vanilla flavor It's so good That's so good especially with the yogurt A little bit messy to eat but it's really good Okay, guys, I changed my clothes and I am about to go on a picnic with my boyfriend So yes it's a little bit chilly, so I got to wear a thick jacket, but Okay, now I'm eating some sour bunnies these are my favorite they're so good Then we went to Chipotle for dinner and look at how adorable this is

They wrote my name in cursive I literally love it It tastes really good today It tastes so good today Why does it taste so good? It's so good today Yeah, like there's something like the corn tastes so good It's just brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, extra corn, guac and extra lettuce, and it's amazing Now I also brought these with me so we have them for dessert Vegan snackable cookie dough Aren't they pretty good Then I'm just having some popcorn for a snack literally just plain popcorn and then this is a really weird snack that I eat But it's just tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette Wait, it's not vinaigrette It's literally just balsamic vinegar

Call me gross I don't care I just worked out with Amber and now I'm gonna go drink some coconut juice because it just tastes so good after you workout Next morning for breakfast I'm just having a green smoothie Just some frozen bananas frozen mango frozen pineapple spinach hemp seeds Some soy milk Blend it all up Okay

I just remembered that I have this Hope this doesn't make this taste really gross It tastes fine It just tastes like there's more chlorophyll Okay Drinking just plain hot water cuz I'm bored I mean cuz I'm cold Okay, and then just for a little lunch We are having a yogurt bowl That's like my most favorite thing to make

I'm also using Kamupuff They are delicious you can get them at like Whole Foods, or maybe even your regular grocery store Blueberries some strawberries some bananas Lil' bit of hemp seeds and a splash of soy milk It is delicious Literally it is delicious It's so pretty outside I really want to go on a walk I literally want to walk every single day if I can if the weather Permits it literally it keeps me sane and it's just really nice to get out of the house Whatever I go on walks I always like to listen to audiobooks I just want to thank audible so much for partnering with me on this video if you don't know What audible is they have a ton of different audiobooks

I literally have it as like an app on my phone So right now I'm reading the Martian by Andy Muir I like just started But yeah listening to audiobooks It just helps to reduce your stress I feel like in times like these since we're all at home They want to give you guys some more content that you can enjoy So now members can download all of the audible originals monthly selection Also right now audible has launched stories at audiblecom So literally anyone anywhere can stream hundreds of free stories completely free And you don't even need to be an honourable member to access these stories, which is super awesome

So everyone can listen to something Yeah, if you want to check out audible You can check out the link down below at audiblecom/urmomashley Or you can text my code your mom Ashley to 500 500 to get one free audio book Unlimited audible originals and a 30-day free trial Okay, once I got back home from my walk I'm having another one of my amazing snacks of just balsamic vinaigrette and tomatoes It's so good I swear it's good Then I'm having a Larabar This is my favorite flavor

And then for dinner I'm making kale I wilted down the kale and then like made like a salad bowl type of thing pretty good kind of plain I try my best tried to make a healthy salad I'm just using a dressing that is hummus a little bit of mustard some maple syrup and just some water Okay And then the next day I'm just having another green smoothie same recipe as the day before and now for lunch We are going to be making one of my most Favorite meals to make which you might have seen me make before it is a chickpea salad All right, so I'm just chopping up some celery Literally that's so satisfying Also chopping some apples Okay now I'm gonna add the chickpeas and then just kind of try to smash them a little bit on the side I like a whole bunch of raisins That should be good

Also, add some dill Not just some I add a lot of dill a little bit of Adobo This honestly Like that already is pretty good by itself Oh Ima add a little bit of lemon juice so that the apples don't get like brown There's my lemon juice I'm makin my own little Bowl now and smashing some avocado and it's gonna be so good

Squeeze in half of an avocado So sorry if this is not pleasing Delectable Okay, so I've now mixed the avocado through Okay, now for dinner I am chopping up some kale and I'm massaging it It makes it a lot like easier to eat It tastes way better if you massage your kale It's kind of like a process but you like just squish it in your hands and then just give me a good cut I kept trying to have kale salads this week I just don't know if I love kale salads But we tried so we have blueberries, quinoa, slicing up some dates This would taste so good with like a nice vinaigrette I didn't have any so I just tried to make my own Okay, now I'm having it red bell peppers and I am literally dipping them in roasted red pepper hummus And I'm also having a snack of dark chocolate This is a raspberry dark chocolate from Trader Joe's All right and it is the next day already

So we are having a blue smoothie Bowl This is the spirulina that I use okay that oh my god the color change Ooh look at that that is some granola peanut butter hemp seeds Amazing Now, this is tasty Why is it so fluffy? This is blue spirulina Got this on Amazon It was like 20 bucks for this little bottle It is kind of expensive but it lasts a really long time It's really not supposed to be good for you Mostly it just makes it really blue and I just It's awesome

Okay, and then for lunch I'm having pancakes I really love breakfast Ooh, but I just added some apple cider vinegar some Bergamot extract because I didn't have vanilla extract into some soy milk and adding some sugar as well some oil Adding some lemon extract cuz we're making lemon poppy seed pancakes So I'm adding in flour, some baking powder and baking soda, cooking them like regular pancakes on the pan amazing and beautiful look at Okay, the pancakes are done This is how many pancakes that I made in total and I'll probably eat half of this Here's my beautiful beautiful plate of pancakes The birds are going crazy Now just eating some nuts as a snack and then I ate this pizza for dinner and it was amazing Just a box pizza from sweet earth their veggie lovers Pizza

I really like it We are gonna try halo top chocolate almond crunch I had their birthday cake one and it's pretty decent but like a interesting texture this one feels more dense This one's pretty good This one's actually pretty good Amber Okay Good morning guys I'm just saying out here with my little bubby

Come here He loves to just sit on the porch Oh my god, and I'm eating the most beautiful breakfast in the whole world Here are some pancakes that I heated up with just some blueberries and maple syrup I have some oranges, yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder It makes it kind of like a chocolate sauce type of thing Okay, so I changed my clothes about to go on like a walk in a little bit So I'm wearing my like walking outfit But right now I'm making my sister some steel cut oats that I have in the pan right now and I'm making Andrew some pancakes Okay there's Andrew's wonderful breakfast and Amber's wonderful breakfast that I'm going to bring upstairs to her cuz she probably literally will not come down Okay, I just came back from my walk And now I'm going to be making some pineapple fried rice for me and my boyfriend, so I'm also gonna make chicken with it So this is the Gardein chicken scallopini, and then I already made rice All right, so I'm just cooking up our fake chicken I have frozen vegetables and some frozen pineapple Just heating up cutting up some basil mixing it right in there And then I'm just smashing in my rice in the pan Adding some soyaki sauce this is the best sauce that sauce You have to get it's from Trader Joe's It's so good

So I think that's tumeric I added like random spices I'm gonna seem like a little bit of curry powder black pepper adobo Some extra soy sauce probably lots of garlic onion powder as well throwing in my pineapple and mixed vegetables and then adding my chicken Super super easy Okay Just changed my clothes did my hair I never wear my hair like this But the bottoms look fine the top of its really greasy did not have time to take a shower after my walk But it's fine I think we're gonna eat outside

All right, there's me and Charles's dinner We ate outside in his back porch together Charles said it was his favorite meal that I've made which I felt very extremely proud of Okay Good morning guys It's like 12 in the afternoon I nearly fell asleep with all my jewelry on I'm so tired, but I finally can make breakfast So let's make something nice and quick and then I gotta go to the grocery store because I am running out of food This flavor, I don't know if I love it will probably recommend their cinnamon raisin flavor we have blueberries oat meal bunch of granola Agave on top and then just gonna pour in some cashew milk Now it's like one side oatmeal kind of one side cereal Okay, so I just finished it, but I'm still kind of hungry So in just the same bowl I put in some raisin bran from Nature's Path Okay, I'm just getting back from the grocery store I'm just parked in my driveway

Yeah, I gotta go inside and eat something or else I'm gonna literally gonna starve to death, okay Now I'm just eating the last tiny bite of my brother sandwich that he didn't finish So this is just like that veggie tika masala burger from Trader Joe's some avocado spinach ketchup on Dave's killer bread It's like literally just a bite Ima eat this The whole meal round chili make a whole nice meal for myself This is so good would highly recommend the veggie tika masala burger from Trader Joe'sThis is what the box looks like Okay Now for dinner, I am making some chickpea wraps

So this is just chickpea flour aka ?? flour I honestly kind of burned that one Okay, guys I'm eating my dinner I don't even like this stuff but sometimes I just buy cos I'm like, maybe I will like it this time And then I am always wrong it actually tastes fine, this one's peach pear flavor it tastes fine have a huge plate of spinach I have all my little chickpea wraps right here I really like spinach I can eat so much spinach I have my guac with a ton of avocados I also have some vegetables that my mom got me from the Chinese food place that I'll also throw in and then I have some tempeh and quinoa Oh yeah that was awesome Wow, I literally beasted that okay guys frozen pineapple this time I sliced it up on a cutting board to make the pieces smaller and And now it's very much Like Patrick Patrick, okay And then just as a snack, I literally have this whole pound of dark chocolate and I'm eating some of it I love dark chocolate This is kind of lame, but I had multiple bowls of cereal literally had two of those bowls plus a bowl of raisin bran Okay, and then the next morning I had a green smoothie typical green smoothie the same recipe that I've been using all week and then And then I'm just having some popcorn as a snack adding on some of the Trader Joe's vegan chicken salt It's very tasty having some Bartons that I got on clearance from Target Okay? Now I'm just eating a little smoothie Bowl the same blue smoothie that I ate a while ago It's getting really melty because I've been taking my time like cutting up my fruits and stuff But have strawberries blueberries raspberries and then I'm just gonna eat it with some kamut puffs on top of it and it is very good I love kamut puffs So I just piled on a ton Okay, guys me and amber were just eating this peanut butter I'm really like eating it off of a knife, but it tastes so good We just got from Target Okay, I just went on a walk

It's like starting to be dark out, but I'm still eating Well not so well I'm eating Bartons again eating my famous Balsamic vinegar plus a tomato and also just eating some crackers and hummus as one does and then having a chickpea salad For dinner and smashing the avocado also, and it's perfect Thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed today's video once again Make sure to check out all of my recipes Links blah blah blah down below in the description and let me know if you want to see any more videos like this I hope that you guys enjoyed make sure to double tap the like button double tap the subscribe button And of course, make sure to click confirm when I asked you to unsubscribe and I will see you guys next time Peace

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New Cookery Recipes
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