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Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs – Baby Back Bbq Ribs – Oven or Grill


[UltraVid id=121 ]I am ready to make some ribs is there anything better than baby back ribs that literally fall off the bone I don’t think so and today I’m gonna show you my foolproof never fail method for making barbecue baby back ribs that are so tender you pick one up the meat literally just falls off and these are just as good done on the grill in the summer in the oven in the winter today I’m going to use the oven which is preheated to 300 degrees and the first thing we do is prepare the meat so if you have a sharp knife I actually just take this fat and I just get rid of it as much as you can you just get rid of it nobody needs it this is what causes all the heart the heart disease and everything so just take off as much as possible and you’ll see that you do will not need any of this fat to make these ribs tender so the next thing I do after I take as much fat off is you have to take off that sort of a silver membrane on the back you need a sharp knife and a paper towel and you just kind of get under fine a little place to get under that membrane see right here you get under it and then you grab it here it cut it a little bit more you grab it with a paper towel and it should peel right off let’s see what happens this is what you want the paper towel otherwise you can’t get ahold of it so see how that peels off perfect well almost perfect but that’s what happens okay some of its coming off then you have to go back and get the rest sometimes it all comes off at once but this is reality and the reality is it doesn’t always come off at once so you have to there it goes there now we got it paper towel okay I’ll cut each one just cut it apart and and again the membrane that I took off is what’s going to make these kind of fall apart some people want to be able to chew on them a little bit if that’s the case you can leave that membrane on but I like them just super super tender and falling off the bone okay I’m down to the last one there it is okay all cut all right now they need a little bit of something acid to help them tenderize and so I use lemon so I have a lemon here I’m going to cut that in half and you just I just kind of just put lemon on them all over and just rub them with lemon both all sides I think this is a pretty nice big lemon so I don’t need any more than that and I just kind of rub make sure they’re all covered with this nice acidic fresh lemon juice okay all right now the next step is the rub I make my own rub you can use a store-bought of whether your favorite rub this is how I make mine and I have all the spices out here already and I have my brown sugar so my recipe is it’s a quart it’s a quarter cup of brown sugar right here and then I add here’s all the spices 2 teaspoons each of chili powder and paprika a teaspoon of salt mustard and oregano 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder onion powder and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper okay so that’s all it I’m gonna put this all in thank goodness for flexible cutting boards look at that okay all right so that’s it you just kind of mix it up a little bit if I can avoid cleaning up I’ll put them on I’ll put the rub on my foil here and we’re gonna start to dip these into the into the rub I like to actually press it on if you press that rub right on you look at this press it and it’s right there that’s that’s what you want but because I cut the ribs look I can do the sides and the ends and everything and then I just kind of rub it on that side I place them in this foil like I said the meaty side down and it’s going to be a little crowded but they will shrink up a little bit after they once they cook so now we’re going to cover this with foil and you cover it shiny side out okay because you want this slow cook so there’s the shiny side the shiny side up the dull side towards the meat and just tightening that toilet really really well and then you have your preheated oven at 300 degrees you flip them in the oven for two and a half hours okay after two and a half hours here’s what you’re gonna have look at this awesome look at that all right so now as you can see a lot of the fat and stuff has cooked off it’s down there in the bottom so we’re gonna get rid of some of that I’m just going to pour that off we don’t need it I’ll pour it off as much of it that comes off okay and now all that’s left to do is to finish them with some sauce now if you’re going to finish them on the grill because they’re so tender I usually have to use like some kind of a basket or a tray like this because otherwise when you start turning them they’ll fall through but in the oven we just leave them right in here that’s why I like to do the ovens so much leave them in here you set your oven to broil at this point but leave the rack in the middle don’t move it up leave the rack in the middle and we’re gonna baste and I have my own barbecue sauce that I make that I love and my recipes on the website but you can use any sauce that you like I like kind of a sweet sticky sauce and now we’re gonna baste and it just I’m telling you wait till you see okay there’s the sauce now they go in the oven that’s now set to broil the rack is in the same spot right in the middle and about five minutes per side we’ll check it in about three or four minutes then we’ll turn them over and they’ll be done oh my goodness oh look at that can you hear it can you smell it and you see it alright now we’re gonna turn these over and base them but here’s the thing if you start turning in with tongs or a fork or something they’re gonna break because they’re so tender I actually put on a pair of kitchen gloves clean out of the package and these are thicker because they’re hot but it’s much easier to handle them because they’re very very tender at this point so we’re just going to turn them over and you look at this look at that it’s just oh God alright so we’ll turn them all over and again you can see how that meat is just coming off so and you’ll be glad you use this disposable foil or something foil lined because it does the broiler definitely makes kind of in there look at how to see this what I’m talking about look at this and I’m handling it with gloves and it’s falling apart now we’re gonna base this side this is the meaty side so back in your broil broiling oven the thing about this is – as you can actually look at this they handle the heat so well you don’t they don’t get that hot okay back in there four to five minutes and they’re done oh look at this I can actually handle this with these gloves because they’re nice and thick but look at that I’m telling you there are no words to describe how awesome these are they’re very hot so I still have my gloves on I’m just gonna pick one up and show you how okay oh it’s still cooking you do want to let them to sit for a couple of minutes but just look at this alright that’s that’s okay that’s it if you make these ribs you’re gonna make somebody really really happy hi sweetheart guess what I made for dinner those baby back ribs that fall off the bone and they’re right here I love you too sweetheart

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