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Family recipe (Chinese dumplings) from King County’s Food: Too Good To Waste program



(phone rings) – [Mom] Hello? – [Son] Hey mom, I need your help – [Mom] Are you in trouble? – [Son] Ugh, no, mom

I'm trying to recreate your pork dumplings so I can surprise my friends this weekend – [Mom] Oh wow, I'm so proud of you! – [Son] Maybe you can walk me through the process one more time so I don't make a mess here – [Mom] Do you have all the ingredients ready? Flour? – [Son] Well, I bought dumpling wrappers – [Mom] Aiya! That's not how you make my dumplings! – [Son] Mom, I really don't think that I can handle making the dough just yet Also I bought ground pork, not tenderloin

– [Mom] Fine, did you get cabbage? Napa cabbage? – [Son] Yeah mom, I already had some nappa cabbage in the fridge before I went shopping I chopped it and squeezed the water out from it – [Mom] Good, always nice to check your refrigerator before shopping Also you can use all parts of the nappa cabbage in the dumplings Don't waste anything! – [Son] I won't, I won't

– [Mom] And you have sesame seed oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, green onion, and ginger? – [Son] Yep, I got all those And I minced the ginger and scallion – [Mom] Okay, you have everything Put the ground pork into a big bowl and add one egg white – [Son] Oops, I used the whole egg on accident

– [Mom] Ugh, that's okay Next time separate the yolk from the egg white and save the yolk for fried rice later Now you can add ginger, green onion, a little bit of sesame seed oil, three full spoons of soy sauce, and a small spoon of cooking wine – [Son] Okay, done! – [Mom] Oh, and don't forget to add the cabbage – [Son] Should I start stirring the whole thing now? – [Mom] That's right, keep stirring until it gets sticky

– [Son] How sticky? – [Mom] Like it can hold a chopstick And if you don't use all the filling, you can keep it in a clear container and freeze it for the next time That way you don't forget what's in there – [Son] Oh, okay So I won't end up throwing it away after six months

– [Mom] Exactly! Is the filling sticky yet? – [Son] Sticky enough I think I'm ready for the fun part – [Mom] Remember what I told you last time? Don't add too much filling in one dumpling – [Son] I know, I know Otherwise the filling will come out and my dumplings will fall apart

– [Mom] Right, now you want to get a small bowl of water so you can dip your finger add a little bit of water to the edge of the wrapper – [Son] You want to moisten the edge of the wrapper with a wet fingertip, right? – [Mom] Yeah, that makes the wrapper easier to fold together

– [Son] Hold on mom Hey, I think I got it! – [Mom] Did you make pleats? – [Son] Yeah, the pleats look great, and it hasn't fallen apart yet – [Mom] Wow, I'm really proud of you Save some for me and your dad! – [Son] I'll try, but you know I have to sample at least eight of them to make sure that they're good – [Mom] Well, if you make too many, you can freeze the uncooked ones for another meal

Just make sure you put a layer of wax paper at the bottom of the container, and sprinkle some dry flour after you put in the dumplings so they don't stick together – [Son] Okay, good to know Maybe I'll freeze some for you and dad – [Mom] That sounds wonderful! – [Son] Unless I get hungry Okay, I gotta go mom, I gotta focus

– [Mom] Don't eat all the dumplings! – [Son] Thank you, mom! I'll send you photos – [Mom] Okay, bye bye

Source: Youtube

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