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Famous Punjabi Lassi in 2 Minute | Sweet Yogurt Drink | Summer Drink Recipe | Punjabi Lassi Recipe



today we are going to make punjabi lassi very quick way summer season is started whenever you wanted to have lassi you need not go to Dhaba you can prepare at home let's start making to make punjabi lassi we have taken a hand blender you can make it in mixy also we have taken thick yogurt (curd) 1 bowl we will add it we have taken 4 tbsp sugar if you are eating less sugar then you can use 2 tbsp we have taken 1/4 tsp fennel seeds 5 cardamom we have made little powder kind add this also some ice cubes add this also curd is already chilled so we have used fewer ice cubes if your yogurt (curd) is normal then use more ice cubes now we will blend it all the ingredient are mixed well if you will feel it's not mixed then we will blend is more lassi is ready we will serve it we will add some dry fruits pistachio almond chilled punjabi lassi is ready you also try it at home once i hope you will like it if you like our recipes then like, share and subscribe while subscribing hit the bell icon so you will receive the notification first thanks for watching see you soon in the other video

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