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(audience cheering) If you watch our show enough, then you know that one of my favorite pastry chefs is also a new author Her book is called Fantastical Cakes

She's a genius at what she does Her name is Gesine Yeah

Bullock Yeah Prado

Yes (audience cheering) It's a mouthful Like cake, a nice mouthful I know Come on give me some love

It's always good to be here From Vermont Always so good to see you, always so gorgeous Is is Vermont or New Hampshire? Vermont Vermont, Vermont

Yeah So, you've done books- she's been around for quite some time, everybody So, you're new book was inspired by the Instagram, like I heard? Well yeah- I love it how people- it doesn't exist unless you Instagram it, right? And half the time it's a huge fail They're like- you see these gorgeous things on Instagram and you're like, "Oh, I'm gonna try that", and you do it and it's like (imitates sound in deep voice) So, I thought, I know how to show people how to both bake gorgeous things and to make it gorgeous and fantastical, without too much trouble, right? It's like you don't want it to be too much But you have to have the right lighting in order to post it You have to have the right lighting for everything

'Cause this looks gorgeous right here Oh yeah, but here's the thing is it- if you bake the things right, if you finish it right, it would look good no matter what the lighting is Alright, let's get started Kind of like us, we always look good no matter what (laughs)

So, first we're gonna cream together our sugar and butter, which is the best part of it And that is mousse That's a peanut butter mousse And there's a slice of cake for you, if you want a snack And then to this, I add eggs one at a time

So, with baking, always patience So, usually I'll be like watching something on TV or I'll have music on, so I will not be rushed, right? Why can't you just put them all in at once? Because what happens is it weighs it down and then it even takes longer for them to get incorporated Oh Yeah So, you're actually doing yourself a favor by being patient

(audience exclaims) See, right? You're mom said this to you Gesine has been with her husband for over twenty years (audience applauds) and that is their wedding picture

We always laugh about that- (Gesine laughs) The black and white old-school effect (laughs) I love it No, we were the American Gothic They have a pastry farm- or excuse me, a pastry school It is a pastry farm though, I like that

That's what I'm gonna call it Well, they also have a farm They live on a farm in Vermont where there's a whole bunch of chickens and cats and things like that Also, you educate the kids You've got a pastry school

I've got a pastry school, which is so much fun So, I get to roll out of bed and then teach pastry, eat pastry, be pastry It's the best thing in the world (audience applauds) How do kids become involved with that school? If you don't mind me asking Well people in the area- people come from all over the country who want to just learn techniques to become better bakers

And it's just fun I play disco, so no one feels that they have to be in like a school setting So everybody's kind of moving and relaxed And then there's peanut butter sometimes So, I'm gonna add peanut butter to this

Well there's always the thought that somebody might be trying to get into your school to get closer to your sister, Sandra Bullock, to get an acting role You know how people are That would be funny I would just get them dirty and baking and then they would hush their mouths (audience applauds) But you know what, I think by and large people are good and sweet

(laughs), and they want to learn fun things And like if there's delicious stuff around you, you kind of relax and you become a better person You believe in the good people

I honestly do And when they're not then, you know, I go, "Husband Ray, usher them out" That's never happened, that's never happened (audience applauds) They fell in love at first sight It was

With him, he walked into the room and- this is gonna sound wrong, I felt sick My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw him And I still feel that way when I see him Wow I do, I adore him

Okay, what kind of cake are we making? So, this is a peanut butter- I call this my PBJ cake It's peanut butter and jelly cake So I added buttermilk, I added my flour mixture with my leavening And then you bake it in a square pan and I use cake strips So what you do is you take a kitchen towel, you cut it and you get it wet and then you put tin foil around it so that it bakes flat instead of doming, even though the dough- I call that snack time

But I mean, it bakes it up perfectly and then, I have this mousse Okay It is so good Tell me about it It is peanut butter, it is sugar, it is cream cheese and butter

And then, to all of that- you mix that up, and then you fold in whipped cream And it's called lightening, but you know this is so not lighter because your adding like a lot more calories, but that's why I like to say, "It's making it so light and fluffy" And then, here's the cake, since you bake it square, you got jam on top and then you, just look- Oh God, I got ready to pick it up like a sandwich, but no- Yeah, use a fork A fork A fork is your friend

And then, you just put this mousse all over so it looks like a peanut butter jelly sandwich, just better And that's one of the things I love about creating cakes Doesn't this remind you of your childhood? Is it good? (audience applauds) I love it when you like stuff, that makes me so happy That makes me so happy Gesine, the cream cheese was necessary

You want that tartness, right? So it isn't just so sweet, or so peanut buttery It is really good And I love cream cheese So, you put this on top and it looks like a little sandwich There's a little fondant on top

So, it's not tricky cake work, but it just makes everything look a little- It's not a lot of fondant No, it's not and- This is not as sweet as you would think No, it's not And then I do little holes like this so it actually looks like bread And it's fun

Kids have fun doing this going- What's this? And this is something called merveilleux It means marvelous in French And this is like the on-trend pastry right now So, you know there was macaron for a long time, eclairs, cupcakes Macaroon? Macaron, the French one

The pretty colored one So this is like a big thing in- you know when it's big in Paris now, that it's coming here soon And this is actually pretty simple It's meringue, it's a lovely whipped cream and then just shove chocolate all over it, which makes everything better (audience applauds) And not so sweet

And not so sweet Yes That's why I love it Everything is really, really good Thank you so much for coming here

For more information on these recipes, go to wendyshowcom Gesine's book is called Fantastical Cakes It's available everywhere Studio audience, you're all going home with your copy

(audience applauds) (upbeat music)

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