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Farali Kachori Recipe ENG SUBTITLES | Aapni Rasoi Ep 2 |Gujarati Cookery Show 2018 |Warsha Vimadalal



Hello! I welcome you all to your favorite show… …the name of which is, ‘Aapni Rasoi!’ Yours, mine and everybody’s cooking, is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’ We will ask our celebrity chef, Varsha Vimadalal… …as to what we are going to prepare in today’s episode… …of ‘Aapni Rasoi

’ All right, Varsha, here I can see many sweet ingredients I can see sugar I can see raisins What are we going to prepare today? Is it a sweet dish? We are going to prepare ‘Farali Kachori’ today ‘Farali Kachori!’ Wow! That means you can eat it during your fasts… …or when you observe a fast during any religious ceremony

And you can also relish it when you are not observing any fast Exactly! – So, shall we begin? – Yes – First of all we will prepare the filling – Okay The main ingredient in this filling is Coconut

So we will take it in this bowl We have to add Groundnut powder to it The Groundnut powder should be… …half the quantity of the Coconut that we have taken The Groundnut powder is a little coarse We will mix it well now

The Groundnut powder that we have taken… …is there anything special about it, like… …should we boil it, or… – No! – We must take it as is? The Groundnuts that we take should be roasted first We will add Cashews to this now These are chopped Cashews So we can add as much as we wish Right! Actually, we always add more quantity of the ingredient… -…that we like more

– We add that more So that is why we have added these chopped Cashews We will add raisins now This also we must add… …as per our taste Don’t add raisins if you don’t like

We will now add the coarsely ground paste of ginger… …and Green Chillies which we have here If we add a little more quantity, we get a better taste And now this lovely… – You very well know, my favorite – Coriander Yes, we will add Coriander now! We have added all this And now we will add… We have to add Rock Salt to this now So what is the difference between Rock Salt and our regular Salt? – This is a natural Salt – Okay

There are no chemicals in this This is chemical-free – Okay – So we will mix all this nicely And now we have to add a little Sugar to this

We must add Sugar to this, as per our taste and liking – Our mixture is almost ready now – Yes We will add a little quantity of water to this That’s enough! The Groundnut in this will soak the water a bit… –

thus binding everything together – Right This mixture is our main stuffing… …and now we have to fill this stuffing in the… …Potato covering which is the outer cover of our ‘Farali Kachori

’ – All right! – This lovely stuffing is ready now We will prepare the covering now We have put oil in this pan to heat The outer covering of potatotes is… We have already boiled and mashed the potatotes In this, we have to add Sago powder for binding

– Okay – If you don’t get Sago powder… …it can be easily prepared at home So these are mashed potatotes And this is Sago powder It is nothing

You just have to grind the Sago in the mixer… …and then you have to sieve it So, our Sago powder is ready We will now add this to our mashed potatotes After adding this, we have to mix this well We will add salt to this as per our taste

So Heli, as you can see our dough is ready We will now divide this dough into equal sized balls And we will make small balls like this And now, in this way… …we must gradually make it bigger in size Okay! By pressing it

Yes, we must make it bigger, by pressing it If you want, you can even roll it But if you make it with your hands… …you get a better texture

So we do it, like we do it for patties We have to stuff the filling in this now I will stuff one spoon of the mixture inside this We have to bring together the edges slowly… We have to bring together all the corners like this… …and we have to close it like this – We have to close it like the way we did for the ‘Kachori

’ – Yes Right! And then we must make it round like this So our ‘Farali Kachori’ or the ‘Kachori’ that is eaten during fasts is ready It is ready Right

Now, we just have to fry them – I have already heated the oil – Yes So this… just see how beautiful the ‘Farali Kachori’ looks Yes, I know

We'll also prepare ‘Farali Chutney’ For that what we have to do is… We have to take the mashed potatotes that we have used for this Add a little water to that Add lemon juice, and also… …Groundnut powder And also add Ginger and Green Chili paste

– Okay! – And make it like a paste So we can eat that sour and sweet chutney with this That means we can also use the left over mashed Potatoesby using it in the chutney and relish it with this Lovely! Now, we will slowly turn them

– Wow! Such a beautiful… – The color… The golden brown colour that has appeared on one side… …means that they are gradually getting fried But still, they are not totally done Remove them when they are done from both the sides Just see, they look so beautiful Just like golden balls

– I know! – They are ready now They are so beautiful! Perfect round and perfect golden brown It is so hot, that I can't even hold it But I am definitely going to eat it, and you have it too If you are fasting, then you must definitely try preparing this

‘Farali Kachori!’ So this was the recipe in ‘Aapni Rasoi’ today Stay tuned in with Shemaroo Gujarati and with ‘Aapni Rasoi’… …to watch the next amazing recipe To watch the next recipe stay tuned in with Shemaroo Gujarati… …in ‘Aapni Rasoi’ Bye-bye!

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