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FİNCAN TATLISI TARİFİ💯😋-bayramda çok pratik sütlü tatlı👍



Hello, welcome to Sinem's kitchen Today we will make cup dessert with you One liter of my pot for our cup of honey i bought milk 2 cups of flour inside I'd add 2 and a half cups of granulated sugar

I'll mix it well I'm taking it to my quarry now I cooked custard with constant stirring see my custard began to boil darkened now I add 1 tablespoon of butter I would add a pack of vanilla I stir until my butter melts I'm a custard now I'm closing my pit I wet all my cups with water filling my custard in my cups I filled my desserts in my cups and came to room temperature I'm sending it to the refrigerator now They will wait 3-4 hours in the refrigerator my sweets waited for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator Do I get sweets out of my cups, India walnut See the edges In this way, I open the sticky parts with my hand flip over to make it easier and shake It turns out that you have already provided a little hard I find coconut really very easy very practical it's a very delicious recipe if you love milky dessert Great flavor I'm getting to the serving plate I prepared all my desserts in this way Look this way I sprinkle confetti candies Pistachio nuts You can decorate with red fruits our desserts are ready make it easy for everyone who will Bon appetit to everyone subscribe to my channel your likes and comments Please don't forget to show thanks for your interest goodbye to see you on my next recipe

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