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Hi Viewers Welcome to Nands Kitchen Sorry I had gone on a long break I had my exams But today I am meeting you with a refreshing recipe But before going into the recipe I want to tell something My video on Monaco Biscuit Sandwich video has crossed 160K views and going up by numbers So a big big big thanks to you all Thank you very much The name of today's recipe is Tangy Green Refresher This recipe is very very simple to make I am going to tell the ingredients

Please make a note I have taken the juice of 1 lemon Small piece of Ginger Sugar Mint Leaves I have used 7Up/Sprite You can use cold water also Take a mixie jar Add lemon juice into it Add the small piece of ginger in that Then add the sugar Then add a bunch of mint leaves Now, this mixture has to be ground Ask your mother wait why mother ? Ask your father to grind this Ask him to grind this well Now we have this mixture ready Now we will add sprite/ 7 up Presentation is important, right ? So, I am taking a lemon wedge

Lemon wedge is nothing but a thin slice of lemon Keep it on the glass like this That is allTangy Green Refresher is ready If you take a nice straw like this, put it in the glass and drink it It will be so refreshing You need not believe me You try it out for yourself Then you will agree Wow


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