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Welcome Friends, welcome to Sunday morning and the old cookbook show and today we're going to do a recipe out of the five roses cookbook and this is called five roses cookbook bread pastry etc and it's a little bit different than the other five roses cookbooks that we've used so far this one is from 1915 so right at the beginning of World War one and it is also very much a community cookbook says right here at the front carefully chosen from the contributions over 2,000 successful users of five roses flour throughout Canada so these are recipes that have been submitted to the cookbook and you really can tell that because the recipe we're going to do today which is a Parkin there are four Parkin recipes on this page each one a little bit different each one that would reflect the differences in family one of them is Yorkshire Parkin another one is a Lancashire Parkin those are different and then there's two Parkins that are without eggs and those are different again some of those differences really come down to probably when these families emigrated to Canada and how many generations they've gone through while they've been in Canada those changes are often about the differences in culture once they've integrated into Canadian culture and also just ingredients ingredients would be different here than what they would have been used to at home or what their grandparents would have been used to at home in Yorkshire so first off this is lard this is pure pork lard and I'm gonna put this in here and just cream it up until it's light and fluffy now the recipe gives absolutely no instructions at all mix and bake straightforward mix and bake so I'm going to use what I know about making cakes so while that creams together I'm gonna deal with the dry ingredients so I've got flour and to that I'm gonna add baking powder ground dried ginger and finally something that's called mixed spice now in 2019 mixed spice isn't something that's prevalent in Canada it's something that I really had to search for at the grocery store and all of the recipes that I found for mixed spice or that were called mixed spice had different ingredients in them there was sort of the same but there were large variations in what people put in there mixed spice so for a North American think of this as as akin to pumpkin pie spice there's the main ingredients but there are differences and I will link to or put in in the description how to make your own mixed spice now mixed spice and allspice completely different mixed spice is a mixture of spices but allspice is only one thing and one thing only and that is the allspice berry from a tree or shrub that grows in the Caribbean and I will again link below to our video on allspice and that's something that really confuses people a lot of people I found think that allspice is a mixture it's not it's one thing okay next skin is some white sugar and we're just going to cream this into the lard again until it's light and fluffy okay so the next ingredient to go in is molasses and this would be a concession to the place in the UK you would use treacle most of your recipes call for treacle either black treacle or light treacle this calls for molasses and that's because molasses is more prevalent in Canada I can still find treacle if I search through a bunch of different grocery stores but I'm not going to come across it that often and it's going to be way more expensive than molasses and I suppose you could argue for days over molasses versus trinkle they both sort of come from the same place they're both from the refining of sugarcane now an interesting side note is a couple of the other recipes on this page call for syrup which could be refiners syrup which is related to both molasses and treacle or it could be corn syrup which is not high fructose corn syrup in 1915 it would have just been straight corn syrup wouldn't have been modified to make it high-fructose so that kids beat in and I'm gonna scrape down the sides because you should always scrape down the sides of your mixer and the next thing to go in our eggs there's three eggs and you put them in one at a time you put them in make sure they're fully incorporated and then put in the next one because the recipe doesn't give many instructions I'm at a bit of a loss of when to put in the lemon juice so I think I'm gonna put it in next and see what happens so it says the juice of one lemon which isn't a lot of information there's a lot of people out there that will want to know how many milliliters exactly let's see put that in the instructions next in are the oats now I'm using a large flake oatmeal I've seen recipes that use fine oatmeal I've seen recipes that use steel-cut oats and the recipes with the steel-cut oats they need to be soaked overnight so I think these large flake oats are a bit of a compromise on time because you don't have to soak them overnight in order to get them softened enough to cook and they'll probably give a better texture than a really fine flake or quick-cooking oatmeal now if the mixture on low I'm just going to spoon in the flour and spice mixture now you don't want to over mix this so as soon as the last spoonful is in and incorporated turn off the mixer now the vagueness of this recipe the last ingredient it says milk to stiffen and I'm looking at this cake batter and I'm thinking this is a pretty stiff cake batter already it doesn't say how much milk to use I don't know that this needs any milk so I'm taking that last ingredient instruction to mean if it's too thick or it needs some milk add some milk at your own discretion I'm gonna say I'm not adding any milk which brings us to the next problem with the recipe of course it doesn't tell you what what size tend to use so I've got a 9 by 12 because that's an awful lot of batter I've got a 9 by 12 and I've put a parchment paper sling in it so let's get the batter into the pan now the baking instructions are baked in a slow oven no time no other information so I'm gonna do 325 and that's 325 degrees Fahrenheit I know that drives our European viewers nuts that I flip back and forth between metric for weights and measurements and then Fahrenheit for the oven and that's just the way Canada implemented the metric system we always talk in Fahrenheit for up in temperatures don't know why it's just the way it is so I'm gonna put this in the oven probably an hour and then I'll start looking at it I have my suspicions that it'll probably take about an hour and a half to cook then I'm gonna pull it out and I'm gonna let it sit for a couple of days before we come back and do a tasting it is finally time to try the Yorkshire Parkin so it's it's been wrapped up for a couple days resting apparently the texture gets better with time now I'm pretty sure I over baked it I I would yeah yeah I think I could confidently say you also agree with you I concur I there's no baking time given so I looked around online to see you know what other people baked it for and I only baked it for about half that amount of time which is always wise if you're not sure right yeah ball mount's and then and i will say i was surprised at half the amount of time that it was held that it was over baked at that do you think their cake was a bigger cake or that they've made it it was a birth to say oh you know what it's some it looks great I mean except for the edge it looks great okay let's try this so I have to admit this is not a cake that I've ever had growing up never even heard of it as much as there's four recipes in that particular book it Peters out very quickly next additionally has won whoa and then you get down to one in the 1950 version and it's a cookie so wonder what tradition you know the tradition is it's something like the eggless milkless butter toast cake that you know it's very popular more times but not so popular outside too that apparently you eat this on bonfire right Oh Guy Fawkes yeah not really something we do here so for our American viewers Guy Fawkes was a bit of a patsy he got caught in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the king in 1605 he was drawn and quartered yeah nice not not very so but that being said there's an event in in England generally bonfire night November 5th so it's a big night big bonfires they burn him in effigy and firecrackers whoo so it's not something it's not a Canadian 2019 is it's not a Canadian tradition except it wasn't exact Newfoundland new clients still in parts celebrates because Newfoundland didn't become part of Canada until 1949 something I should know but you too can look that up just like in post-world War two Newfoundland joined Canada so I think that this sort of traces the trajectory of Canada's involvement with England Oh give it it's a nice cake mm-hmm so the question is why not keep it in the cookbook I wonder mm-hmm I think the oatmeal makes it very heavy no but I like that about it yeah I think this is a very interesting cake I think um I think if I baked it a little bit less the recipe says to add milk if needed and I didn't know what that meant I think now looking you know I think now I would have added maybe between a quarter and a half a cup of milk but never having made it before never having any experience with it I was sort of you know flying blind but if I made this again yes I'd add the milk I'd make it a little bit less it would be gooey and absolutely fantastic you could always add dates raisins or dates you know everything else has dates why not or I pre-cuts or whatever you want I've ran into a recipe so November 50 2019 if you are in Portugal Cove St Philip's Newfoundland they're having a big bonfire they're roasting marshmallows you know it's a bring there'll be hot dogs for the kids bake up a Yorkshire Parkin and bring it to the bonfire because I didn't see anything about Parkin in their list of events there you go so if you're a Newfoundland if you're in st

John's it's only like 20 minutes away also bake up this cake drive over to Portugal Cove share it with your friends see you again soon like eight my really fast I really like it mm-hmm but then I'm a sucker for a spiced cake you

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