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Yeah Laughs Shall it stay in that Its irritating so much Bring it on bro Raj:come on Venky Alok:Bring it on which fish you want big or small Alok:Bring big one Raj:Its not listening to guruji(Venky) Raj : is the knife sharp enough ? Alok:Super sharp Raj :Hey Kid there is no water here Raj: Adding the salt Venky : We have to clean very well So that it clean blood stains on fish Alok :At the time of cleaning Alok :We have to add lemon juice Because the smell of fish will goes out We have cleaned and keep in the plate Bring the Plate Alok atmosphere looks so beautiful Alok:So it will be a great day Its not so humidity Its not so rainy even Raj:There is no rain today Alok: We cant say that We cant predict the rain it my fall any time We have to cook fast and ran from here We have to add salt and turmeric Then we will deep fry the fish Raj from background :Guruji(Venky) bring salt and turmeric Am here only Raj:Guruji needs more salt add some salt only Because We have to add some salt in curry too Raj:Work out on triceps bro Start the fire and heat the oil First we will deep fry the fish pieces Deep fry untill it turn into golden brown Beautiful crispy fish piece Mix the tamarind in the water We have to dip tamarind in water To extract the tamarind juice Enough Raj: Keep aside for 10 minutes Venky: After that it will become tamarind juice Raj:Yes Now keep the pan and will make Fish curry giggling background Bring the oil ponna raju Now oil became hot we will add cummin seeds After that add some onions We will add ginger paste add one spoon of salt add red chilly powder And half spoon turmeric powder Now juice is almost ready We will add tamarind juice Raju : Ok add This is cinnamon stick In this we added coriander groundnut,cumin seeds,coconut powder,bay leaves,sesame seeds we added all those ingreidents and fry on pan and granded well at home It will be a tast So lets add in the pan Its beautiful tasty fish species Now gravy is ready now we will add fish pieces Keep it for 5 minutes on fire So get ready with your plates Its ready So tasty With roti With rice it will be great combination Raju :Have you ate this kind of fish curry at home tell to our viewers Ponna Raju:never ate such a tasy fish in my life simply super dish Lot of curry left so we will take home and eat with rice And this boy eats less so i will help me to finish the dish

Source: Youtube

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